A Curated Selection of Steam’s Best Games of 2023

Valve, one of the leading companies in the gaming industry, has recently released their highly anticipated “Best Of 2023” lists on Steam. These lists are distinct from the ongoing Steam Awards and are compiled based on various metrics including revenue, peak concurrent players, and more. Excitingly, the rankings often showcase unexpected successes of older games or indie gems that have captivated players worldwide. In terms of revenue, games are categorized into four tiers: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. However, the precise position within these tiers is randomized, leaving gamers curious about the financial performance of popular titles such as Baldur’s Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, both of which have secured positions in the prestigious Platinum tier, highlighting their exceptional commercial success. Notably, lesser-known titles like the adventurous Deep sea sushi scavenger Dave The Diver have also managed to secure a spot in the Bronze tier, alongside iconic games including RimWorld, Terraria, and Stardew Valley. Additionally, The Finals, a game released in 2023, impressively features in the gold tier after applying the relevant filter. Goose Goose Duck, a multiplayer sensation, has garnered attention by attracting over 300,000 concurrent players, placing it among the highest-achieving games of the year.

Exploring the Rankings

Valve’s curated selection extends beyond general rankings, offering users the ability to tailor their search based on specific categories. By utilizing the available filters, players can browse through early access, VR, or Steam Deck games, unveiling a diverse array of gaming experiences. It is worth noting that each category has its own set of criteria for data inclusion, ensuring a transparent approach to the rankings. For those with a keen interest in the financial aspects of the gaming industry, it may be possible to compare the listings with publicly available financial information to estimate the revenue generated by “platinum” games. However, undertaking such an analysis requires dedication and resourcefulness.

Diving into the Details

To explore the full “Best Of 2023” list, eager gamers can visit the Steam site, where Valve has made the information readily accessible. Upon arriving at the site, users will discover an organized compilation of the top-performing games, complete with their respective tiers and categories. The transparent nature of the rankings allows enthusiasts to gain insight into the gaming landscape, celebrate outstanding titles, and discover potential hidden gems.

Valve’s annual “Best Of” lists on Steam serve as a testament to the dynamic nature of the gaming industry. By combining revenue data, peak concurrent players, and other key metrics, the rankings provide players with a glimpse into the year’s most successful games. The inclusion of lesser-known titles alongside industry heavyweights highlights the diversity and uncovers the potential for immersive gaming experiences. Whether gamers are interested in exploring early access games, VR experiences, or simply looking for their next gaming adventure, Valve’s curated selection offers something for everyone. As gamers dive into the rankings and explore the top games of 2023, they can rest assured that Valve’s commitment to quality and innovation will continue to shape the future of the gaming industry.


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