A New Approach to Curbing Spam and Bot Activity on X

In an effort to combat the increasing spam, manipulation, and bot activity on its platform, X (formerly known as Twitter) has announced a new program in New Zealand and the Philippines. As part of this program, new users joining via the website will be required to pay a subscription fee of $1 per year. Additionally, they will have to verify their account with a phone number. While the company’s post on the help center does not provide a detailed explanation for these measures, it is speculated that these regions have experienced higher bot activity and creating fake accounts is easier on the website. In this article, we will delve deeper into the implications of this new subscription program and explore its potential effectiveness.

The Not A Bot program, as X refers to it, aims to reduce spam, manipulation, and bot activity on the platform. By introducing a subscription fee and phone number verification, X hopes to deter the creation of fake accounts and discourage individuals or groups from engaging in harmful activities. The program is currently limited to new users joining through the X website in New Zealand and the Philippines.

One of the key components of the Not A Bot program is the $1 annual subscription fee for new users joining via the website. This fee, although minimal, serves as a deterrent for individuals looking to create fake accounts or engage in spamming activities. By requiring users to pay a small fee, X aims to filter out those who are not genuinely interested in engaging with the platform.

In addition to the subscription fee, new users in the designated regions will also have to verify their accounts with a phone number. This additional step adds an extra layer of security and reduces the likelihood of bots infiltrating the platform. By linking user accounts to a verified phone number, X can easily track and identify suspicious or malicious activities.

While the Not A Bot program is a step in the right direction, its effectiveness remains to be seen. By targeting specific regions with higher bot activity, X hopes to tackle the issue head-on. However, it is important to note that limiting the program to just two countries may not entirely address the global issue of bot activity and manipulation. It is possible that bot creators may shift their focus to other regions with more lax security measures.

Moreover, the decision to charge a subscription fee for new users joining through the website raises questions about the discrepancies between web and mobile experiences on X. It is unclear why the fee is applicable only to web users and not mobile app users. This may suggest that the platform has identified more bot activity originating from web users, or it could be a strategic decision based on ease of creating fake accounts on the website.

X’s introduction of the Not A Bot program represents a proactive approach to curbing spam, manipulation, and bot activity on its platform. By implementing a subscription fee and requiring phone number verification, the company aims to create a more secure and authentic environment for its users. However, the program’s effectiveness may be limited by its regional focus and the discrepancies between web and mobile experiences. As X continues to combat bot armies and enhance user experiences, it will be interesting to see how these measures evolve and contribute to the platform’s long-term success.


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