Actor Jonathon Bailey on His Commitment to Voicing Final Fantasy 14 Character

Actor Jonathon Bailey faced challenges when he decided to continue voicing the beloved Final Fantasy 14 character, G’raha Tia. Despite finding international fame through his roles in Netflix’s Bridgerton and the upcoming Wicked adaptations, Bailey was determined to not step away from this character. This determination led him to record his lines during the day while performing in a theater show at night. The grueling schedule eventually caused his tongue to inflame, but Bailey believed it was a sacrifice worth making.

Bailey’s understanding of the character’s significance to the Final Fantasy 14 community was a driving force behind his decision. He acknowledged the character’s importance to many people and was willing to go to great lengths to bring G’raha Tia to life. Bailey’s dedication to the role, despite the physical toll it took on him, showcases his commitment to both the character and the fans who hold a special place for G’raha Tia in their hearts.

Shakespearean Writing

One of the reasons Bailey cites for returning to voice G’raha Tia in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion is the quality of the writing. He describes the writing as “almost Shakespearean” and even recalls a notable line from the game, emphasizing the grandeur and beauty of the dialogue. Bailey’s appreciation for the writing further solidifies his attachment to the character and his willingness to continue portraying G’raha Tia in future expansions.

Jonathon Bailey’s commitment to voicing the character of G’raha Tia in Final Fantasy 14 is a testament to his dedication as an actor. Despite facing challenges and physical discomfort, Bailey’s determination to bring the character to life for the fans showcases his passion for his craft. His appreciation for the writing and the community’s affection for the character further highlight the importance of honoring the legacy of G’raha Tia. Bailey’s willingness to go above and beyond for the role demonstrates his professional integrity and commitment to delivering a memorable performance for all Final Fantasy 14 players.


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