Alan Wake 2 Confirms New Game Plus Mode Release in December 2023

Remedy Entertainment has recently taken to Twitter to confirm that Alan Wake 2 will be receiving its highly-anticipated New Game Plus mode in December 2023. The announcement came in the form of a tweet accompanied by an image of Alan Wake himself, shining a spotlight on a wall with the words “NEW GAME+” written in giant letters. This announcement suggests that the release of the New Game Plus mode is imminent and could be revealed as early as The Game Awards 2023 on December 7th.

New Game Plus Mode: What to Expect

The New Game Plus mode in Alan Wake 2 is expected to offer players a new level of difficulty and an alternative narrative. Alongside the increased challenge, players will have access to new collectible Manuscript pages and additional video content. One of the key features of the mode is the ability for players to carry over their unlocked weapons and upgrades from their previous playthrough, making subsequent journeys through the game more manageable.

Creator’s Vision

Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy Entertainment, expressed his excitement about the upcoming New Game Plus mode. According to Lake, the addition of this mode was always part of the plan for Alan Wake 2. The team aims to provide players with an additional layer of depth and replayability, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

While the specifics are currently unknown, it remains uncertain if the New Game Plus mode will impact the game’s ending or provide any hints about upcoming DLC. Alan Wake 2’s ending is still subject to refinement, and it is possible that the New Game Plus mode may offer alternative endings or additional story elements. Meanwhile, Remedy Entertainment has already announced two post-launch DLC packs titled “Night Springs” and “The Lake House.” It remains to be seen if the New Game Plus mode will provide any foreshadowing or tie-ins to these future expansions.

The Game Awards 2023: A Potential Announcement Platform

Considering that Alan Wake 2 was initially unveiled at The Game Awards 2021, it is highly plausible that Remedy Entertainment will use the same event as a platform to announce the release of the New Game Plus mode. The Game Awards has served as a stage for numerous game announcements in the past, and host Geoff Keighley has maintained a strong working relationship with Remedy Entertainment. The possibility of a simultaneous announcement and release would further build anticipation and excitement among the gaming community.

Fans of Alan Wake have eagerly awaited the arrival of its highly-anticipated sequel, and the addition of the New Game Plus mode adds even more appeal. While exact details are scarce, the confirmed features of this mode, including increased difficulty, additional narrative, and the ability to retain unlocked weapons and upgrades, promise an enhanced and replayable experience. Whether it is through The Game Awards or a standalone announcement, the imminent release of the New Game Plus mode will undoubtedly bring joy to fans who are eager to dive back into the haunting world of Alan Wake.


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