Alone in the Dark (2024): A Divisive Remake

The latest remake of Alone in the Dark (2024) has garnered mixed reviews from critics, leading to a divisive reception among gaming enthusiasts. While some have praised aspects of the game such as storytelling and puzzles, others have found it to be tedious and frustrating. The overall consensus seems to be that the combat and bugs are major issues plaguing the game, with varying opinions on the success of its narrative and performances.

In a scathing review from The Guardian’s Rick Lane, the game is criticized for its poor writing and buggy combat. Lane describes Alone in the Dark as a dull and uninteresting remake lacking personality. Despite borrowing elements from Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake, the game falls short in terms of attention to detail and finesse. The puzzles within the gothic manor house are deemed mildly diverting, but overall, the experience is labeled as deeply tedious.

On a contrasting note, James Berich from Press Start Australia finds Alone in the Dark to be uniquely charming with a fresh take on the original game’s formula. Despite acknowledging issues with combat and enemy variety, Berich enjoyed the overall experience and replayed the game multiple times. He commended the game for being compelling and replayable, even if it lacked a sense of fear or terror.

Mark Delaney of GameSpot criticizes Alone in the Dark for not living up to its source material, deeming it derivative and unenjoyable at times. Combat is a central focus of Delaney’s review, highlighting its shoddiness and lack of direction. While he appreciated certain puzzle segments and exploration aspects, the overall execution fell short, with combat being consistently poor throughout the game.

Vikki Blake from Eurogamer shares Delaney’s sentiments, criticizing the game’s combat system for being janky and unpolished. Despite finding elements of the game appealing, Blake feels that its issues overshadow the positives. While praising the unique deviations in the story, she believes that Alone in the Dark ultimately falls short in delivering a cohesive and engaging experience.

In contrast to the previous critiques, Alexander Chatziioannou of PC Gamer thoroughly enjoyed his time with Alone in the Dark. He praises the game’s atmosphere, nods to the original game, and innovative twists that keep the horror narrative engaging. Chatziioannou also applauds the dialogue, performances, and writing, noting the chemistry between the main characters and the Lynchian sense of disconnect that adds to the game’s strangeness.

Alone in the Dark (2024) stands as a divisive remake that has garnered praise and criticism from different critics. While some appreciate its unique charm and narrative twists, others find its combat and execution lacking. The game’s success ultimately depends on individual preferences and interpretations, with major extremes in reviews indicating a love-it-or-hate-it sentiment among players.


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