Amazon Teams Up with Plug Power to Produce Hydrogen Fuel at Fulfillment Centers

Amazon has announced a partnership with hydrogen company Plug Power to produce hydrogen fuel at its fulfillment centers. The initiative involves the installation of an electrolyzer, which can split water molecules to produce hydrogen, at a fulfillment center in Aurora, Colorado. This is the first time Amazon has attempted to produce its own hydrogen on site, and it is expected to enhance the energy efficiency of its operations while contributing to its goal of decarbonization by 2040.

The Promise of Hydrogen as a Cleaner-Burning Alternative

Hydrogen has gained attention as a cleaner-burning alternative to fossil fuels. When combusted, it produces water vapor instead of greenhouse gas emissions, making it an attractive option for companies and governments aiming to meet climate goals. However, the environmental benefits of hydrogen depend on how its supply chain is shaped and how the hydrogen is produced. Currently, most hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide and exacerbating climate change. Additionally, methane leaks during the production process contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Plug Power addresses the environmental challenges associated with hydrogen production by utilizing electrolyzers. Instead of using fossil fuels like methane, electrolyzers use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. When the electricity comes from renewable energy sources like wind or solar, it is referred to as green hydrogen. While this method eliminates pollution, it is currently more expensive than conventional hydrogen production. However, the Biden administration’s efforts to incentivize clean hydrogen production and invest in infrastructure may reduce the cost gap.

The Role of On-Site Hydrogen Production

Historically, Plug Power has delivered fuel cells to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, with the hydrogen being produced elsewhere and transported via trucks. On-site hydrogen production eliminates tailpipe pollution from transportation, but there are still emissions associated with producing hydrogen at the Colorado fulfillment center. The electrolyzer is currently connected to the power grid, which predominantly relies on fossil fuels. To achieve truly green hydrogen, Amazon would need to ensure its electrolyzer runs on renewable energy. While the company is exploring the possibility of pairing it with on-site renewable energy, a specific timeline for implementation has not been established.

Amazon has set a goal of purchasing enough renewable energy to match the electricity consumption of its operations by 2025. This commitment reflects its broader sustainability aspirations and aligns with efforts to make its hydrogen production greener. By integrating renewable energy generation with on-site electrolyzers, Amazon could significantly reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to the decarbonization of its operations. The company’s partnerships with organizations like Plug Power are crucial in advancing its sustainability objectives.

Amazon’s collaboration with Plug Power marks a significant step towards producing hydrogen fuel on site at its fulfillment centers. While hydrogen presents environmental benefits as a cleaner-burning alternative to fossil fuels, the challenge lies in ensuring sustainable production methods. Plug Power’s use of electrolyzers contributes to greener hydrogen production, though cost remains a barrier. The Biden administration’s support for clean hydrogen production and Amazon’s commitment to renewable energy are promising developments. With continued innovation and investment, Amazon can play a vital role in decarbonizing its operations and driving the adoption of green hydrogen in the retail industry.


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