Among Us Meets Vampire Survivors: A New Crossover Experience

What happens when the biggest indie game of 2020 meets the biggest indie game of 2022? Brace yourselves, as Among Us is set to collide with Vampire Survivors in an exciting new DLC expansion titled Emergency Meeting. This crossover brings together two beloved games, offering players a fresh and unique gaming experience like never before.

Prepare to navigate through a brand new map inspired by Among Us’ Polus map, appropriately named Polus Replica. Developed by Poncle, this new map is a tribute to Among Us and is packed with various nods and hidden secrets. It features multiple biomes, each with its own set of enemies that players must face. Additionally, this expansion introduces nine crewmates from Among Us, each with their distinct strengths and weaknesses, lending a whole new dynamic to Vampire Survivors’ bullet-hell monster-slaying gameplay.

Emergence Meeting comes equipped with a arsenal of 15 new weapons, including seven base weapons and seven evolutions. Uniquely, the process of evolving these weapons differs from the standard Vampire Survivors weapons, although the details remain shrouded in mystery. Poncle promises players an additional weapon that is purely for entertainment, leaving us curious and excited to uncover its nature. Coupled with this thrilling gameplay, new music tracks have been composed to enhance the atmosphere as players carve their way through their formidable foes.

In addition to the exciting new map, characters, and weapons, this latest expansion extends the Adventure mode in Vampire Survivors. Players can expect an extra Adventure, forming a mini-campaign to embark upon. With this expansion, Poncle aims to deliver a well-rounded gaming experience that is bound to leave players thoroughly entertained and hungry for more.

Mark your calendars, as the Emergency Meeting DLC is set to launch on December 18th. This jam-packed expansion will be available for purchase at a price of £1.99/$2.49. Poncle acknowledges that the cost may surprise some players, considering the base game’s incredibly affordable price. However, they assure fans that this pricing decision is influenced by licensing guides and collaboration conditions. Fortunately, the developers are already exploring possibilities for future crossovers that will be free for players to enjoy.

The convergence of Among Us and Vampire Survivors in the Emergency Meeting DLC presents an incredible opportunity for gamers to delve into a uniquely crafted gaming experience. With its stunning map, new characters, exciting weapons, and expanded Adventure mode, this crossover is sure to captivate fans of both games. Get ready to dive into the chaotic world of vampires and crewmates on December 18th, and prepare to be wowed by the fantastical blend of two indie gaming sensations.


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