An Epic Showdown: Last Epoch Takes on the Action-RPG Throne

Last Epoch, the upcoming action-RPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games, is gearing up to challenge the longstanding reign of Diablo as the king of the genre. With its unique time travel mechanic and captivating launch trailer, Last Epoch seems poised to give competitors like Path of Exile and Grim Dawn a run for their money. Set to exit Early Access in just over a month, this indie gem aims to leave a lasting impact on the gaming community.

Last Epoch has been in Early Access since 2019, sprouting from a group of developers united by a Reddit post that formed Eleventh Hour Games. Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the studio managed to raise an impressive $255,000 in the spring of 2018. While the game’s launch trailer predominantly highlights its captivating lore and world, where players must travel through time to save humanity, it does not delve deeply into the gameplay mechanics. The heart of Last Epoch lies in its extensive player customization, offering over 100 skills with unique skill trees and progression paths.

In addition to its deep skill system, Last Epoch follows the tried and true slash-and-loot formula that has become synonymous with the action-RPG genre. Players will face hordes of enemies, who will drop randomized items, fueling the addictive progression loop. Collecting these items and utilizing the crafting system allows players to forge increasingly powerful gear, enhancing their characters in the process.

Last Epoch’s endgame content takes center stage, showcasing the developers’ commitment to providing an exceptional experience beyond the main campaign. Players will have the option to explore alternative timelines, which introduce unique scenarios based on the choices they make in the game. This branching system offers a refreshing twist on traditional narratives, breathing life into the game’s replayability. Additionally, an arena mode will provide endless waves of enemies for players to conquer, with the ability to climb leaderboards and display their prowess.

Last Epoch’s journey through Early Access has been met with resounding success, with over a million copies sold and a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting the full release on February 21st. The game’s development has not stagnated during this period, as new classes like the spell-slinging Runemaster have been added. Eleventh Hour Games also plans to continue supporting Last Epoch with regular cycles of new content and an economy reset, ensuring a fresh experience for players.

Last Epoch presents a formidable challenge to the action-RPG throne, armed with its time travel mechanic and captivating world. With its emphasis on player customization, addictive gameplay loop, and engaging endgame content, Last Epoch has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the genre. As fans eagerly await the game’s full release, it is clear that Eleventh Hour Games has crafted an epic adventure that is worthy of standing alongside the genre’s giants.


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