An In-Depth Guide to Finding Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build

SteamWorld Build is an exciting game that takes players on a journey through dark caverns in search of new discoveries. One of the main objectives in the game is to find Old Tech Rocket Parts, which play a crucial role in progressing further in the playthrough. In this guide, we will discuss how to locate Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build and provide some helpful tips to make your search more effective.

To find Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build, you must thoroughly search each underground mine floor. It is important to note that the locations of these parts may vary in each playthrough, especially if you choose a different map or randomize the mine areas. There are two Old Tech Rocket Parts in each specific mine area or floor, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny to increase your chances of finding them.

Unlocking New Functions and Mechanics

In SteamWorld Build, you can only unlock new functions, mechanics, and structures once you have achieved certain milestones. For example, Bridges can only be built once you have 200 Engineers. This structure allows Miner units to cross chasms and discover hidden sections that might contain Old Tech. Similarly, doors and underground mineshafts must be unlocked to access areas where Old Tech could be buried. It is important to satisfy the needs of citizens and upgrade their respective tiers to unlock these features.

Once you have discovered an Old Tech Rocket Part in SteamWorld Build, you can collect it by selecting the Dig tool and clicking on the site. It is recommended to have at least six Miners available to complete the extraction process, which may take a couple of minutes. It is crucial to focus solely on Old Tech extraction and avoid clicking on other objects or areas to prevent the Miners from changing their action priority. After the Old Tech has been fully revealed, simply click on the object, and it will be sent to the Astrodome automatically.

The Astrodome is revealed once you have collected your first piece of Old Tech in SteamWorld Build. It is usually located a short distance away from your main settlement area. The installation of the Old Tech parts in the Astrodome implies that your characters and citizens are preparing to leave the planet. However, it is important to note that you will need to collect all six Rocket Parts to complete the objective.

Finding Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build is a challenging yet rewarding task. By thoroughly exploring each underground mine floor, unlocking new functions and mechanics, and collecting the Old Tech with a team of Miners, you will be one step closer to completing your objective. Keep in mind the importance of focusing solely on Old Tech extraction and avoiding distractions. With these tips in mind, you are ready to embark on your journey in the world of SteamWorld Build. Happy exploring!

While searching for Old Tech Rocket Parts, it is worth familiarizing yourself with other aspects of the game. Workshops and Extractors can be valuable tools in enhancing your gameplay experience. Understanding how to trade and purchase items can also be beneficial. So, make the most of your time in the underground sections of each map by mastering all aspects of SteamWorld Build.


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