Analysis and Review of the Latest Jabra Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active Earbuds

Jabra, a well-known brand in the audio industry, has recently launched the second generation of its Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active earbuds. These new models come with improvements in sound quality, noise cancellation, and other essential features that are expected from high-quality earbuds. One of the standout features of these new earbuds is the LE Audio charging case that accompanies them. This case allows users to plug into external devices such as treadmills or in-flight entertainment systems and transmit audio directly to the earbuds. This feature sets Jabra apart from its competitors by using advanced technology like the LC3 Bluetooth codec to reduce latency and provide a seamless audio experience.

The design of both the Elite 10 and 8 Gen 2 earbuds remains largely the same, with the Elite 10 offering a semi-open design for a more natural fit in the ear while the Elite 8 provides IP68 dust and water resistance along with MIL-STD-810h ruggedization. Jabra has also improved the head tracking and Dolby Atmos spatial audio experience for the Elite 10 Gen 2. Additionally, both models now boast more powerful active noise cancellation and a clearer, richer transparency mode. These enhancements contribute to an overall better audio experience for users, making the new Jabra earbuds a compelling option for tech enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.

The standout feature of the Jabra Elite 10 and Elite 8 Gen 2 earbuds is undoubtedly the LE Audio charging case. This case allows users to connect their earbuds to various external devices using the advanced LC3 Bluetooth codec, ensuring minimal latency and a seamless audio transmission experience. This feature is especially beneficial for gamers who require precise audio synchronization when playing on portable gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. By opting for LE Audio technology, Jabra aims to provide users with a consistent and high-quality audio experience across different devices, regardless of the Bluetooth chip compatibility.

The Jabra Elite 10 Gen 2 earbuds are priced at $279, while the Elite 8 Gen 2 models come at a slightly lower price of $229. Both variants will be available in mid-June in a range of colors, catering to different aesthetic preferences. The competitive pricing of these earbuds makes them an attractive option for consumers looking for premium audio quality without breaking the bank. As a reviewer, I am excited to test out the transmitter case and explore its various use cases in my upcoming review.

The Jabra Elite 10 and Elite 8 Gen 2 earbuds offer a compelling combination of innovative features, improved audio quality, and user-friendly design. The addition of the LE Audio charging case sets these earbuds apart from the competition, providing users with a seamless audio experience across different devices. With a focus on functionality and performance, Jabra has once again delivered a standout product in the crowded earbuds market.


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