Analysis of a Recent NBA Top Shot Scam Tweet on Twitter

Recently, a scam tweet targeting users of the NBA Top Shot platform was posted on ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter account. The tweet falsely claimed that a free NFT pack was available to all customers on NBA Top Shot, leading unsuspecting users to a scam website that could potentially drain their crypto wallets.

Scam Tweet Details

The scam tweet referred to NBA Top Shot as a “popular” NFT platform, despite the significant decrease in activity levels compared to its peak. The tweet included a link to a scam version of the NBA Top Shot website with a .org address, as opposed to the official .com URL. This deceptive tactic aimed to trick users into providing access to their crypto wallets, putting their assets at risk.

Approximately half an hour later, the official NBA Top Shot account issued a warning, clarifying that no free airdrop was taking place on the platform at that time. However, by then, the scam tweet had been live on Wojnarowski’s account for nearly an hour, potentially putting many NBA fans at risk of having their account information stolen. Given Wojnarowski’s reputation for breaking news tweets, numerous followers with notifications turned on could have fallen victim to the fraudulent link.

Despite the scam tweet targeting NBA Top Shot users, recent statistics from tracking site reveal a significant decline in user activity on the platform. In January, there were only 8,100 unique sellers and 5,550 unique buyers, a sharp drop from over 399,000 buyers in March 2021. This decline suggests that the number of users vulnerable to such scams may be limited.

The scam tweet posted on Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter account highlights the ongoing threat of fraudulent activity targeting users of popular platforms like NBA Top Shot. It is essential for users to exercise caution, verify information, and avoid clicking on suspicious links to protect their assets and personal information online.


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