Analysis of OpenAI’s Internal Investigation Results

An independent investigation conducted by the law firm WilmerHale commissioned by OpenAI’s nonprofit board has recently concluded that CEO Sam Altman’s conduct did not warrant his removal. This comes after Altman survived a boardroom coup in November and will now be rejoining the board. The investigation, which involved interviewing board members, employees, and reviewing over 30,000 documents, found that both Altman and co-founder Greg Brockman are deemed fit to continue leading OpenAI.

The investigation discovered that the decision to abruptly fire Altman last fall did not arise due to concerns related to product safety, security, pace of development, finances, or communication with stakeholders. The previous board’s decision to remove Altman was cited as a consequence of a breakdown in the relationship and trust between Altman and the board. The investigation also highlighted the lack of advance notice to key stakeholders and no opportunity provided for Altman to address the prior board’s concerns before his dismissal.

Response and Actions

During a press call, Altman apologized for his actions but did not delve into specifics regarding the situation. It was revealed that Altman clashed with a former board member over critical academic papers and faced concerns about potential conflicts of interest with his other investments. In response to these findings, OpenAI plans to bolster its conflict of interest policy for employees and establish a whistleblower hotline.

Altman expressed a positive demeanor during the call with reporters, indicating a willingness to address concerns and move forward with improving internal practices. Questions surrounding the employment status of chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, who was implicated in the coup but later sided with the majority of employees in support of Altman, remain unanswered. Sutskever’s silence has led to speculation about his future involvement with the company.

Overall, the results of the investigation shed light on the internal dynamics at OpenAI and the challenges faced by its leadership. Altman’s reinstatement to the board, coupled with the implementation of new policies and measures, signals a proactive approach by the organization to address internal concerns and rebuild trust with stakeholders. Moving forward, OpenAI will need to prioritize transparency, communication, and accountability to ensure a more stable and inclusive working environment for all parties involved.


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