Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: A Crossover Event Analysis

The gaming industry has witnessed a significant rise in crossover events, where popular games merge with other franchises to attract new players and boost revenue. Apex Legends, the renowned live service game, is the latest to embark on this trend with its first crossover event featuring Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This article will delve into the details of this collaboration and explore the impact it has on the gaming community and player experience.

On January 9th, Apex Legends introduced Final Fantasy VII Rebirth-themed elements to its battle royale gameplay. The highlight of the crossover is the inclusion of the iconic Buster Sword, which serves as more than just a cosmetic item. The Buster Sword R2R5 becomes a formidable weapon within the game, appearing on the map and in care packages. It offers players light and heavy attacks, a block mechanic to reduce incoming damage, and a dash move. Moreover, performing various actions such as dealing and blocking damage allows players to unleash a powerful Limit Break.

Alongside the Buster Sword, the crossover event introduces Aerith, a beloved character from Final Fantasy VII. However, the visual design of Aerith’s skin in the trailer has received mixed reactions, appearing somewhat out of place within the Apex Legends universe. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Aerith adds depth to the collaboration and entices fans of both games.

In an effort to merge the mechanics of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with Apex Legends, the developers have introduced Materia items into the game. Materia, which fuels the skill system in FF7, comes in various forms in this crossover event. Each Materia possesses unique effects on players and specific weapons. For instance, Blue Materia allows players to absorb health by dealing damage to enemies, providing strategic advantages during battles. On the other hand, Red Materia enables players to summon Nessie, the in-game Apex Legends plush, to attack enemies, creating exciting and unexpected combat possibilities.

With any crossover event, the inclusion of cosmetics is inevitable. The Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event introduces a total of 36 cosmetics, including character skins for Horizon and Newcastle. While some players may find joy in obtaining unique and visually appealing cosmetics, others might argue that it distracts from the core gameplay experience. Additionally, some of the cosmetics, such as the Buster Sword, are purely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. This raises a question regarding the balance between cosmetic additions and maintaining the integrity of the game’s world and fiction.

As a player who hasn’t been heavily invested in either Apex Legends or Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it is important to consider the impact of crossover events on the gaming community. These collaborations can potentially erode the sense of immersion and investment in a game’s world and narrative. With the increasing popularity of multiplayer games, younger generations may prioritize cosmetic crossovers over coherent storytelling, blurring the lines between fictional boundaries.

The Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth crossover event offers players a unique opportunity to experience the fusion of two iconic franchises. The introduction of the Buster Sword, Aerith, and Materia items adds fresh gameplay mechanics and aesthetic elements. However, it’s crucial for both developers and players to reflect on the balance between crossover events and maintaining the integrity of each individual game. The ongoing trend of crossovers may be exciting and financially rewarding, but it necessitates a critical examination of its long-term effects on the gaming landscape.


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