Arrowhead Studios Issues Warning About Fake Games on Steam

Arrowhead Studios, the developer of Helldivers 2, recently issued a warning to players regarding fake versions of the game that have infiltrated Steam. These fraudulent copies, posing as legitimate releases from Arrowhead Studios, have caused confusion and concern among the gaming community. It is essential for players to be aware of these fake games and take necessary precautions to avoid falling victim to these scams.

Following Arrowhead Studios’ alert, Steam Database reported that at least two of the fake versions of Helldivers 2 have been removed from the digital storefront. The swift action taken by Arrowhead’s legal team in collaboration with Valve helped to eliminate these illegitimate copies. Indie games Figularity and Do Not Smile resorted to deceptive tactics by changing their names to Helldivers 2, swapping screenshots with legitimate Helldivers content, and falsely attributing the developer and publisher as Arrowhead Game Studios and PlayStation LLC, respectively.

Arrowhead Studios emphasized that the only genuine versions of Helldivers 2 are the original game and the Super Citizen Edition. Players are advised to verify the release date of the game, which was officially February 8, 2024, to distinguish between the real and fake copies. Attempting to deceive players by posing as the developer and attempting to scam them is a reprehensible act that undermines the integrity of the gaming industry. For both ethical and security reasons, it is crucial to steer clear of these fake games and report them accordingly.

Notably, counterfeit copies of other popular games such as Palworld, Last Epoch, and Escape From Tarkov have also surfaced, indicating a broader trend of fraudulent activities within the gaming community. Players must remain vigilant and cautious when encountering suspicious game listings to avoid falling prey to scams orchestrated by malicious actors. The proliferation of fake games poses a significant threat to both developers and players, eroding trust and tarnishing the reputation of legitimate titles.

The prevalence of fake games on digital storefronts like Steam underscores the importance of player awareness and proactive measures to combat fraudulent activities. By staying informed, verifying the authenticity of game releases, and reporting suspicious listings, players can contribute to a safer gaming environment and protect themselves from falling victim to scams. Arrowhead Studios’ warning serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against fake games and the collective responsibility of the gaming community to uphold integrity and transparency in the industry.


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