ASRock Announces New Ultra-Fast LCD Gaming Monitors for CES

ASRock has recently unveiled its new lineup of ultra-fast LCD gaming monitors, and one particular model has caught the attention of gaming enthusiasts: the ASRock Phantom Gaming PG27QFW2A. This monitor boasts a staggering 400Hz refresh rate, paired with a 1440p resolution on a 27-inch IPS panel. The combination of these specifications is bound to provide gamers with an immersive and smooth gaming experience like never before.

Alongside the PG27QFW2A, ASRock has also introduced the Phantom Gaming PG27FFX2A, another 27-inch gaming monitor. However, what sets this model apart is its incredibly high refresh rate of 520Hz. While additional details are scarce at the moment, the absence of any mention of 1440p resolution suggests that the PG27FFX2A might be a 1080p model. Nevertheless, the mind-bending refresh rate of 520Hz promises to deliver unparalleled smoothness and responsiveness during gaming sessions.

ASRock’s Venture into OLED Gaming Monitors

Not stopping at LCD monitors, ASRock is also venturing into the OLED gaming monitor market. The company has announced two new models, the Phantom Gaming PGO34QRT2A and Phantom Gaming GO27QFS2A, both offering QHD resolution and a refreshing 240Hz. While ASRock has yet to disclose specific details, these monitors are expected to provide a visually striking experience with their OLED technology. Whether using LG WOLED or Samsung QD-OLED panels remains unknown, but the former appears to be the more probable choice.

With OLED monitors often being associated with high price points, gamers are desperate for more affordable options in the market. ASRock, known for its competitively priced products, has the potential to make a significant impact in this area. The ASRock Phantom PG34WQ15R2B, for instance, has garnered attention for its excellent value, making it one of the best options for ultrawide gaming panels on a budget. Therefore, gamers have high hopes that ASRock will continue to bring the same value-oriented experience to the OLED monitor market, with the possibility of offering monitors in the $600 to $700 price range.

ASRock’s unveiling of its new lineup of ultra-fast gaming monitors at CES has created a buzz among gaming enthusiasts. The combination of high refresh rates, impressive resolutions, and the introduction of OLED technology has set the stage for an exciting year in the gaming monitor market. While details regarding pricing and availability are still undisclosed, ASRock’s reputation for offering competitively priced products gives gamers optimism for more affordable options. As we eagerly await further information, it is clear that ASRock is poised to make a noticeable impact with its innovative gaming monitors.


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