Bestiario: A Unique Indie JRPG Rooted in Spanish Culture

In the realm of video games, there’s something truly special about studios that inject their unique cultural elements into their creations. This is what sets them apart from the crowd and makes their games stand out. One such upcoming indie JRPG called Bestiario, developed by Barcelona-based studio Wiggin Industries, is making waves on Kickstarter right now. What makes this game so intriguing is its fusion of traditional Japanese RPG elements with rich Spanish culture, setting it apart from the sea of mainstream titles.

While heavily inspired by Atlus’s popular Persona series, Bestiario takes a bold step in infusing the essence of Spanish culture into its core. The game’s narrative is set in Spain following a pandemic, featuring a diverse group of hunters determined to solve a supernatural mystery and ultimately save the world. This unique backdrop offers players a refreshing departure from the typical fantasy settings often found in RPGs.

One of the most captivating aspects of Bestiario is its incorporation of Spanish mythology. Throughout the 30-40 hour campaign, players will encounter a wide range of mythical creatures, including witches, gnomes, fairies, angels, and many others. From the bustling streets of Madrid’s La Puerta del Sol to the majestic mountains of Asturias, the game allows exploration of various real-life locations in Spain and Europe, unveiling fascinating stories that are not widely known. This infusion of Spanish mythology breathes new life into the genre and enthralls players with the rich tapestry of folklore.

In Bestiario, Spanish culture permeates every aspect of the game, creating a truly immersive experience for players. The aesthetic design draws inspiration from the works of Spanish artist Alfonso Azpiri, combining vibrant colors, detailed pixel art, and a comic book-like style. The result is a visually stunning world that pays homage to its Spanish roots while offering a fresh take on the genre.

Even the game’s soundtrack remains true to its cultural inspiration. Drawing from the classical styles of renowned Spanish composers such as Manuel de Falla, Joaquín Rodrigo, and Isaac Albéniz, the music sets the tone for the game’s dramatic moments and intense battles, transporting players into a world steeped in Spanish artistic traditions.

While Persona undoubtedly serves as the primary influence for Bestiario, the game encompasses a wide range of references to other beloved classics within the RPG genre. Fans can expect nods to timeless titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Grandia, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Dragoon, and Mega Man Legends. This amalgamation of influences and homages ensures that Bestiario strikes a chord with fans of the genre, while also carving out its own unique identity.

Bestiario stands as a shining example of a game that dares to infuse its cultural heritage into its every fiber. With its distinct mix of traditional Japanese RPG elements and rich Spanish culture, Wiggin Industries has created an indie JRPG that stands out from the crowd. The game’s immersive narrative, exploration of Spanish mythology, and homage to timeless classics make it an incredibly promising title for RPG enthusiasts.

Set to release on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch in December 2026, both digitally and in physical formats, Bestiario is poised to captivate gamers with its unique blend of compelling storytelling, visually stunning artwork, and unforgettable soundtrack. Embrace the spirit of exploration and embark on a journey through Spanish mythology like never before. Bestiario awaits, ready to deliver an unforgettable JRPG experience wrapped in the vibrant tapestry of Spanish culture.


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