Blade Chimera: A Stunning Pixel Art Metroidvania Coming to Switch in August

Exciting news for Switch users as PLAYISM and WSS Playground have announced the upcoming launch of Blade Chimera, a pixel art Metroidvania title, on the Switch this August. Although the exact date has not been confirmed yet, the announcement has definitely piqued the interest of gamers eagerly awaiting this release. The game looks absolutely stunning based on the latest trailer, which showcases the game’s combat features, including melee and ranged abilities, and unique traversal mechanics.

Blade Chimera is being developed by Team Ladybug, known for their exceptional work in creating gorgeous pixel art sprites in games like Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth and Touhou Luna Nights. The game’s breathtaking visuals and engaging gameplay mechanics promise an immersive gaming experience for players who enjoy Metroidvania-style games.

The game is set in the near future, where humanity is facing a relentless war against mysterious monsters and demons. After 30 years of battling these creatures, the surviving humans have united under the Missa Association, a religious group led by someone who holds the key to defeating the demons. The protagonist, Shin, a warrior and protector of the association, encounters a demon named Lux who seems oddly familiar to him. As Shin delves deeper into Lux’s past, he uncovers the events that shaped the city they live in.

Once a solid release date for Blade Chimera is announced, fans can expect to dive into this captivating story and experience the thrilling gameplay firsthand. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on this highly-anticipated Metroidvania title coming to the Nintendo Switch this August.

Blade Chimera is shaping up to be a visually stunning and immersive gaming experience for fans of the Metroidvania genre. With its unique combat mechanics, captivating storyline, and gorgeous pixel art visuals, this game has the potential to become a standout title on the Nintendo Switch platform. Players can look forward to embarking on an epic adventure filled with action, mystery, and intrigue when Blade Chimera launches in August.


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