Blizzard’s Unhinged PR Stunt: A Bloody Gaming PC and a Blood Harvest

Blizzard has certainly made heads turn with their most recent PR stunt, which involves raffling off a Diablo 4 gaming PC that has been “infused with real human blood.” This unusual campaign is part of a community-wide blood drive, seeking to collect a staggering 666 quarts of blood by next month. To achieve this goal, Blizzard is encouraging Diablo 4 players to donate blood, with each 1-pint donation bringing them one step closer to unlocking in-game rewards.

The “Blood Harvest” initiative, running until November 20, offers Diablo 4 players in the US, who are over 18 years old, the opportunity to donate blood at any blood bank. After providing proof of their donation online, players contribute to filling up a blood fountain, which will distribute in-game rewards at various milestones. When 33% of the target is reached, players will receive a collection of “Bloodpetal” weapon cosmetics. Upon reaching 66%, the Diablo 4 community will unlock the Loch Raeth Maor Barbarian armor set. Finally, when the blood fountain reaches 100%, players will have a chance to enter a US-only sweepstakes to win a gaming PC, “infused with real human blood.”

Blizzard’s blog post suggests that the gaming PC has been “infused” with human blood, but the accompanying press release adds that the blood has been used in the liquid cooling system. While it may be tempting to imagine the entire reservoir filled with blood, it is more likely that Blizzard simply added a small amount of blood or plasma, along with red dye and normal coolant. It is reasonable to assume that the company adheres to sanitary standards when creating such products.

The gaming PC itself is an impressive piece of hardware, featuring an Intel Core i9 CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, 64GB of DDR5 RAM, a 3TB SSD, and a Quantum Vector GPU water block system with red-and-black thematic design. Alongside this powerful device, Diablo 4 players have the chance to earn exciting in-game rewards, such as weapon cosmetics, an armor set, and the Vermillion Eye Piebald mount.

While Blizzard’s initiative ultimately aims to encourage blood donation, the combination of a gaming PC and human blood creates a sense of novelty and eccentricity. It is reminiscent of marketing tactics used in the video game industry 15 years ago. However, considering Blizzard has previously enlisted Megan Fox to eulogize Hardcore players in Diablo 4, perhaps we should not be entirely surprised by such offbeat PR stunts anymore.

Blizzard’s unhinged PR stunt involving a bloody gaming PC and a blood drive has garnered attention and sparked debate. While the campaign raises awareness about blood donation, it also functions as a unique marketing strategy for Diablo 4. Those on the fence about the game may find themselves contemplating the unusual combination of gaming and blood. Nevertheless, the cause of encouraging blood donation is undeniably a good one, and anything that motivates people to donate deserves recognition.


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