Celebrating Tea Time in Gaming: Yorkshire Tea’s Unique Controller Branding

In the realm of peculiar product branding tie-ins, Yorkshire Tea has managed to deliver a truly unexpected surprise. Known for its teabags and tea-related merchandise in the UK, the company has ventured into the world of gaming controllers. Yes, you read that correctly. Yorkshire Tea has introduced its own PlayStation 5 controller and Xbox model, adorned with authentic Yorkshire Tea branding featuring a serene pastoral scene complete with a sheep. This collaboration came about after a tweet from controller designer POPeART, who shared his design featuring Yorkshire Tea’s branding. Little did anyone expect that this lighthearted exchange would lead to the creation of fully functional gaming devices with a tea-themed twist.

Upon visiting Yorkshire Tea’s online store, the product listing for these controllers playfully mentions a “special button that boils your kettle (not really).” However, it’s important to note that the actual functionality of these controllers remains unchanged. The only difference lies in the delightful Yorkshire Tea printing on the devices. Whether you choose to connect them to your PC via a wireless dongle or Bluetooth, both controllers will work seamlessly. Despite their tea-themed aesthetics, these controllers are serious gaming devices capable of meeting the demands of avid gamers.

In an effort to fully embrace the playful collaboration, Yorkshire Tea incorporates gaming terminology in the description of their controllers. With references to looting, one-shotting, and levels, the company’s intention is clear: they want to connect with gamers by injecting a touch of humor into the product description. However, this approach may come across as more of a dad trying to connect with the younger generation through awkward dance moves, rather than an effective marketing strategy. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of the controller designs cannot be denied.

It’s difficult to recall a gaming controller design quite like the Yorkshire Tea controllers. Instead of the usual sleek and futuristic aesthetic, these controllers proudly display a scenic landscape featuring trees, a stone wall, a figure tending to fields, and, of course, a member of the woolly ovine community. This departure from traditional gaming controller designs undoubtedly sets the Yorkshire Tea controllers apart and adds a touch of British charm to the gaming experience.

A Cuppa for Every Game

As gamers, we all have our preferred drinks and snacks for those intensive gaming sessions. Yorkshire Tea’s controllers, with their distinct tea-themed imagery, serve as a gentle reminder to take a break and indulge in a cup of tea. By simply glancing at the controller, players will feel the power of suggestion urging them to pause the game and enjoy a warm brew. It’s as if the spirit of the British tea-drinking tradition has found its way into the world of gaming.

Yorkshire Tea’s collaboration with gaming controller designer POPeART has resulted in a truly unique product offering. The Yorkshire Tea PlayStation 5 controller and Xbox model bring a refreshing twist to the gaming world, reminding players to take a moment for tea amidst their gaming adventures. While the playful product description may not resonate with everyone, the undeniable charm and distinctive aesthetics of these controllers are sure to capture the attention of tea-loving gamers everywhere. So, the next time you reach for your gaming controller, imagine immersing yourself in a picturesque landscape and savoring a delightful cuppa.


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