Celebrating the Return of MultiVersus with McDonald’s Australia Collaboration

The year was 2022, and MultiVersus took the gaming world by storm. Players were thrilled by the unique character combinations and fast-paced battles offered by Player First Games and Warner Bros. Millions of gamers embraced the crossover brawler with open arms, immersing themselves in the thrilling gameplay experience.

However, the euphoria was short-lived as MultiVersus was abruptly taken offline in June 2023. Player First Games revealed that the initial release was merely an open beta and hinted at a full game relaunch in 2024. The sudden shutdown left many fans in a state of confusion and disappointment, as the game’s future had never been clearly communicated to the community.

Excitement is once again building as McDonald’s Australia recently teased a collaboration with MultiVersus. The fast-food giant hinted at a “coming soon” toy partnership, featuring characters from the beloved crossover game. From Batman and Finn to Bugs Bunny and Wonder Woman, the toys are set to captivate fans with their themed designs.

While details about the toys remain shrouded in mystery, speculations suggest that they may come in the form of collectible cards or exclusive download codes. Fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of the MultiVersus toys, as they await a potential release in March 2024. The partnership with McDonald’s Australia could coincide with the game’s official relaunch, setting the stage for a triumphant return.

As the MultiVersus saga continues to unfold, players are urged to stay tuned for updates on the game’s revival. The collaboration with McDonald’s Australia signals a promising future for the crossover brawler, reigniting excitement among the gaming community. While nothing is set in stone yet, the prospect of new toys and a game relaunch offers a glimmer of hope for fans eagerly awaiting the return of MultiVersus.


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