Chatbot Perplexity Integrates Yelp Data for Enhanced User Experience

In a recent interview with The Verge, Perplexity CEO Aravind Srinivas discussed how the chatbot is enhancing user experience by integrating Yelp’s data into its responses. Srinivas highlighted that many people are using chatbots as a primary source of information, particularly for things like restaurant recommendations. By incorporating Yelp’s maps, reviews, and other details, Perplexity is able to provide users with comprehensive and accurate information directly from the source.

One of the key selling points of Perplexity, as pointed out by The Verge’s David Pierce, is how the chatbot seamlessly mixes text and links when answering questions. This feature sets Perplexity apart from other chatbots like Copilot, Gemini, or ChatGPT. Srinivas explained that the decision to integrate Yelp was based on the company’s ability to offer a variety of ways to provide answers, including maps, photos, and reviews. Users can even access links to businesses’ Yelp pages for additional information.

While the financial details of the deal between Perplexity and Yelp were not disclosed, Srinivas emphasized that the chatbot will not use Yelp’s data to train any of its models. Instead, Perplexity relies on existing models like GPT and Claude 2 for its operations. The integration with Yelp is part of Yelp’s Fusion program, which licenses data to third parties like Perplexity and BMW. Chad Richard, SVP of business & corporate development at Yelp, expressed the company’s commitment to providing reliable local search results through the partnership with Perplexity.

Perplexity is not the only AI company entering into data licensing agreements to enhance its services. Google reportedly pays Reddit $60 million annually for real-time data access, while OpenAI collaborates with news publishers to train its AI models. Other chatbots, like Google’s Gemini, leverage services like Google Maps to provide users with detailed information about businesses. Perplexity plans to explore more integrations in the future, potentially working with providers of shopping or financial data.

Srinivas hinted at future collaborations with data providers to further enhance Perplexity’s capabilities. By tapping into diverse data sources, the chatbot aims to become a comprehensive information hub for users seeking a wide range of services. The integration of Yelp’s data is just the beginning of Perplexity’s journey to offer more sophisticated and personalized responses to user queries.

Perplexity’s decision to integrate Yelp’s data reflects a growing trend in the AI industry of leveraging external data sources to enhance user experience. By providing users with reliable and up-to-date information directly from reputable sources like Yelp, Perplexity is positioning itself as a leading chatbot in the competitive AI landscape. With more integrations and collaborations on the horizon, Perplexity is poised to redefine the way users interact with chatbots in the future.


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