Children Of The Sun: A Thrilling Puzzle Game Release Date Revealed

When Children Of The Sun was first announced alongside its demo, it instantly became a highly anticipated game for many. The news of its release date has finally been revealed by publishers Devolver Digital, with the game set to hit Steam on April 9th. To mark the occasion, a new release trailer has been unveiled, showcasing the game’s unique single-shot murder bullet puzzles.

In the trailer, viewers are treated to a visually stunning display of end-of-level trajectory maps, which cleverly spell out the release date. This not only serves as an informative tool for players, illustrating how the murder arenas function and showcasing the various bullet powers available, but also adds an element of excitement with the countdown to the release date. Devolver Digital has truly outdone themselves with this creative and engaging approach.

The trailer also provides a glimpse of new levels that were not included in the previous demo, such as a multistory block of flats. Players witness The Girl, the game’s protagonist, taking down enemies with her sniper bullet, but the real challenge lies in locating hidden targets while the bullet is in motion. With the ability to manipulate the bullet’s trajectory and make sharp turns mid-air, players are faced with complex murder puzzles that require strategic thinking and precise execution.

As players eagerly await the release of Children Of The Sun on April 9th, the promise of new and exciting gameplay features keeps the anticipation high. The powers showcased in the demo, including bending the bullet’s trajectory and re-aiming it for maximum impact, hint at the depth and complexity of the challenges that lie ahead. The narrative of revenge against The Cult adds a compelling layer to the game, making it a must-play for fans of puzzle and action genres alike.

With the release date set and the demo available for players to try out, Children Of The Sun is shaping up to be a standout title in the gaming landscape. Devolver Digital’s dedication to delivering innovative and engaging gaming experiences is evident in their latest offerings, including the upcoming Pepper Grinder. As the countdown to April 9th begins, gamers can look forward to diving into the world of Children Of The Sun and unraveling its thrilling mysteries.


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