Christopher Judge’s Approach to Reviving Kratos in God of War

Christopher Judge, the actor behind the modern portrayal of Kratos in the God of War reboot and its upcoming sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, has made it clear that he has no interest in simply voice-matching the previous rendition of the character, played by Terrence C. Carson. During a recent livestream event with Streamily, Judge expressed his admiration for Carson’s performance and stated that attempting to replicate it would be a disservice to the character. He wanted to make the role his own and bring a fresh interpretation to the iconic character.

Avoiding Voice Matching Requests

Judge revealed during the livestream that he had been asked by one studio to voice match Carson’s portrayal of Kratos. However, he adamantly refused the request, citing his love and respect for Carson’s performance. He believed that replicating someone else’s established portrayal would be a slight to the original actor and a missed opportunity to bring his own unique contribution to the character. For Judge, it was important to celebrate the individuality that each actor brings to their roles and not try to commandeer something that had already been established.

Following the livestream, Judge took to social media to clarify that the studio behind the God of War games, Sony Santa Monica, had never asked him to voice Young Kratos. He emphasized that his admiration and respect for what Carson had accomplished as Kratos extended throughout the entire team. However, he did mention that another game had approached him to voice match a character, but it wasn’t the role of Kratos or his portrayal of Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers.

Recently, God of War: Ragnarok introduced a new post-game mode called Valhalla, which offers players a roguelike experience. In this mode, Kratos encounters an illusion of his younger self, allowing players to delve deeper into the character’s complex history and explore different facets of his personality. This innovative addition to the game demonstrates the commitment of the creative team to continually evolve and expand the God of War universe, providing fans with fresh and exciting experiences.

Christopher Judge’s approach to reviving Kratos in the God of War series showcases his dedication to bringing something new and unique to the character. By refusing to voice match the previous portrayal and emphasizing the importance of individuality, Judge has made Kratos his own. His commitment to portraying the character with respect for what came before while adding his own personal touch is a testament to his talent as an actor. With the introduction of exciting new content like the Valhalla mode, it is clear that God of War fans have much to look forward to in the upcoming Ragnarok release.


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