Creating an Authentic Wrestling Experience in WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 introduces dual storylines in the MyRISE mode, offering players the opportunity to embody a custom superstar and navigate the world of WWE. The Unleashed storyline focuses on an independent female wrestler striving to advance her career, while the Undisputed storyline explores the repercussions of a major superstar leaving WWE. These narratives aim to immerse players in the inner workings of WWE by allowing them to create and control their original characters within the game.

The game developers have emphasized the importance of blending fantasy wrestling storylines with real-world experiences to ensure authenticity in MyRISE mode. Drawing from a team of writers and consultants with backgrounds in WWE and independent promotions, the game creators have strived to infuse the gameplay with a sense of realism. Andrea Listenberger, Senior Narrative Designer at Visual Concepts, highlighted the valuable contributions of individuals with direct wrestling experience in shaping the storylines of WWE 2K24.

One key figure in the development of WWE 2K24 is wrestler Drew Gulak, who provided his expertise as a resource for motion capture and wrestling advice. Having worked in various wrestling promotions for two decades, Gulak brought a wealth of knowledge to the project. Listenberger emphasized the collaborative nature of working with wrestling professionals like Gulak, stating that the goal was to create an authentic experience for players while allowing for individual expression and player choice.

Listenberger emphasized the importance of player expression in the game, balancing authenticity with the freedom for players to define their own experiences within the virtual wrestling universe. By incorporating multiple options and pathways in the gameplay, the developers aim to engage players in crafting their own unique wrestling journey. This approach ensures that players have the flexibility to shape their gameplay experience based on their preferences and choices.

When players engage with WWE 2K24, they are stepping into a virtual world that draws inspiration from the real-life operations of WWE. The goal of Visual Concepts and 2K Games is to provide players with a well-rounded and realistic depiction of life as a wrestler, incorporating elements from the day-to-day experiences of those involved in the wrestling industry. The game aims to capture the essence of the wrestling world while giving players the opportunity to explore and create their own narrative within the game.

WWE 2K24 is set to launch on March 8, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Players can look forward to experiencing an authentic and immersive wrestling journey that combines fantasy storylines with real-world influences. The collaboration with wrestling professionals and the dedication to player expression ensures that WWE 2K24 will offer a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience for wrestling fans.


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