Critical Analysis: Thunderful Group AB Announces Layoffs Due to “Unsustainable” Spending

A recent announcement by Swedish conglomerate Thunderful Group AB has revealed that they will be laying off approximately 20 percent of their staff in a restructuring program. The decision to downsize is attributed to the company’s acknowledgment of “unsustainable” spending in previous years. This article critically analyzes the reasons behind the layoffs and the impact they may have on Thunderful’s future prospects.

An Over-Investment Dilemma

According to Thunderful’s press release, the layoffs are a result of over-investments made in the past few years. These investments have proven to be unsustainable in the current industry climate, leaving the company significantly impacted by challenging market conditions. The need for a restructuring program is apparent, with a focus on lowering costs and concentrating on areas that offer the best long-term growth and profitability prospects.

Thunderful’s management aims to achieve annual cost reductions of approximately 90 to 100 million SEK (up to $7.5 million). The restructuring process itself will require an expenditure of around 30 to 40 million SEK (up to $3 million). The impact of these measures is expected to become evident in the second half of 2024.

CEO Transition

The announcement follows a change in leadership, with Martin Walfisz assuming the role of CEO in late 2022. His predecessor, Brjann Sigurgeirsson, stepped down after Thunderful Group AB reported net losses for the second quarter of 2022. This change in leadership and subsequent layoffs indicate the company’s urgency in addressing the financial challenges they face.

Thunderful Group AB’s history can be traced back to Thunderful AB, which was founded in December 2017. After merging with Bergsala Holding in December 2019, Thunderful expanded its portfolio through various acquisitions, including Guru Games, Coatsink, Station Interactive, Headup Games, To The Sky, Stage Clear Studios, Early Morning Studio, and Jumpship. However, with the recent layoffs, the company’s employee count has been reduced from around 480 to mitigate costs.

CEO Martin Walfisz emphasizes that the layoffs and restructuring are necessary steps to ensure the viability and strength of the Thunderful Group AB. While the decision is undoubtedly difficult for all involved, Walfisz remains optimistic that these changes will ultimately position the company as a stronger player in the market.

Thunderful’s admission of “over-investment” echoes a broader trend in the gaming industry during 2023. Companies such as Epic and Twitch have also acknowledged overly optimistic planning during a period of increased demand brought on by stay-at-home lockdown restrictions. However, it is noteworthy that few executives faced significant consequences for these misjudgments.

Comparison to Embracer’s Layoffs

While Thunderful’s layoffs are significant, they pale in comparison to the job reductions carried out by Embracer, another Swedish conglomerate. Embracer faced the need to restructure after laying off over 900 employees during the previous summer. The challenges faced by both companies highlight the impact of the gaming industry’s rapidly changing dynamics.

Thunderful Group AB’s recent announcement of layoffs due to “unsustainable” spending raises questions about the decision-making processes in the gaming industry. The company’s restructure program aims to address the financial strain caused by over-investments, with a focus on areas that offer the best long-term growth and profitability prospects. While the layoffs are undoubtedly difficult for those affected, Thunderful aims to emerge stronger in the market and ensure the viability of the company moving forward.


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