Delay Announced for Ballerina, the John Wick Spin-Off: What to Expect

The highly anticipated spin-off film, Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas, has faced a significant setback. Lionsgate recently announced that the release date has been pushed back by a year, from June 7, 2024, to June 6, 2025. This delay came as part of a larger announcement regarding the John Wick series, with series architect Chad Stahelski receiving a new deal to oversee the franchise. Stahelski is currently collaborating with Ballerina director Len Wiseman to enhance the film with “additional action sequences,” promising to “amp it up even more.”

Taking Ballerina’s original slot is Lionsgate’s remake of The Crow, starring Bill Skarsgard. Described as a “modern reimagining” of the cult classic, this remake is sure to captivate audiences with its fresh take on the beloved franchise. While details about The Crow remake are sparse, fans can expect a thrilling and visually stunning adaptation.

In exciting news for John Wick fans, it was recently revealed that Keanu Reeves will make a cameo appearance in Ballerina as the iconic character John Wick. Additionally, Stahelski has hinted at his ideas for a potential John Wick 5, showcasing the director’s continued passion for expanding the franchise. However, the unpredictable nature of Hollywood means that the future of John Wick 5 remains uncertain.

Aside from film projects, there is buzz surrounding a new John Wick video game. Lionsgate has expressed interest in exploring the gaming space further and believes that a high-quality game based on the John Wick universe could be a huge success. With the release of previous John Wick games such as John Wick Hex and appearances in popular titles like Fortnite and Payday 2, fans can look forward to immersive gaming experiences set in the gritty world of John Wick.

Despite the delay of Ballerina, fans have much to anticipate from the John Wick franchise. With an array of projects in development, including potential sequels, cameos, and video games, the world of John Wick continues to expand and captivate audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates as the franchise evolves and brings new and exciting content to the screen and gaming platforms.


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