Developer Releases Free DLC Expansion for Fragrant Story

In a surprising move, developer William Kage has announced the release of a free DLC expansion for Fragrant Story, a popular game on the Nintendo 3DS. Titled ‘Papaya’s Path,’ this expansion offers players an additional 6-10 hours of gameplay, with the potential to invest 20-30 hours to completely master it. With this new update, the game is also upgraded to Version 1.2, bringing fresh content and improvements to the experience.

As gamers embark on Papaya’s Path, they will be introduced to several new features. The expansion includes multiple story campaigns, fully voiced cutscenes, thrilling challenge battles, intriguing characters, powerful abilities, and an assortment of gear. Players will also encounter a host of new enemies and formidable bosses in unique terrains. To enhance the gameplay experience, the expansion introduces a detailed world map that showcases battlefield locations, helping players navigate the game with ease.

To further enrich the game, Papaya’s Path offers players an expanded soundtrack that complements the new content. The addition of exclusive music tracks creates a more immersive and captivating experience. Additionally, players can expect upgraded visuals and stunning artwork to appreciate, immersing themselves in the beautifully crafted world of Fragrant Story.

Physical Copies and Strategy Guide

For those who prefer physical editions, there will be another limited run of physical copies available in January 2024. These copies, produced due to a supplier error, contain the original version of the game (v1.0) and require an update to access the Papaya’s Path expansion. Each standard edition physical box will now include two full albums on CD and a digital download, giving players the opportunity to enjoy the game’s soundtrack even outside of the gameplay.

Complementing the physical editions, a strategy guide will also be released on the same date. This guide is packed with exclusive artwork, providing players with an in-depth understanding of the game’s mechanics, strategies, and secrets. It serves as a valuable companion to fully explore and maximize the potential of Fragrant Story and its DLC expansion.

While the 3DS eShop may have officially closed, developers like William Kage remind us that the legacy of Nintendo’s past-generation portable system lives on. Through the release of free DLC expansions, they continue to breathe new life into beloved games, keeping the community engaged and providing fresh experiences for gamers.

The Future of Fragrant Story

With the release of Papaya’s Path, Fragrant Story fans can look forward to extensive gameplay, enhanced visuals, and a captivating soundtrack. The DLC expansion marks the dedication and commitment of William Kage to the game and its community. As players dive into this new chapter, they can expect an immersive journey filled with excitement, challenges, and memorable moments.


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