Discover the Epic World of Berserk with Discounted Deluxe Editions

Berserk is hailed as one of the greatest manga ever created, and for good reason. Crafted by the legendary manga artist Kentaro Miura, who sadly passed away in 2021, this visually stunning masterpiece takes readers on an unforgettable journey through a world of swords, sorcery, and defying fate. With a massive 42 volumes to explore, Berserk may seem daunting to newcomers. However, fear not, as Amazon currently offers an impressive selection of discounted Berserk Deluxe edition volumes, including beautiful hardcover editions.

Embark on your Berserk adventure by taking advantage of Amazon’s buy one, get one 50% off mix-and-match sale on most of the 14 deluxe edition volumes. While the first four volumes are not eligible for this promotion, you can enjoy this special offer on volumes five through 14. The discounted prices not only provide an enticing opportunity to delve into the Berserk universe but also allow you to save a significant amount off the cover price of each book.

Volume 14 of the Berserk Deluxe edition is particularly noteworthy as it contains the final contributions of Kentaro Miura before his passing. Released this past November, this volume serves as the conclusion to Miura’s Berserk arc and also includes the highly sought-after Berserk Official Guidebook. This guidebook is a treasure trove of important background information and expanded lore, enriching your reading experience and further immersing you in the world of Berserk.

Not only is the content of Berserk captivating, but the physical presentation of these deluxe editions is equally awe-inspiring. Each elegantly designed hardcover volume is crafted from durable leatherette, ensuring that they will not only withstand the test of time but also make a striking addition to any bookshelf. Furthermore, these oversized volumes contain three individual volumes each, offering readers a comprehensive reading experience that spans approximately 700 pages per volume.

While the Berserk Deluxe editions are undoubtedly a collector’s dream, it’s worth mentioning that there is also a wide selection of standard paperback editions available. These editions are not only eligible for the buy one, get one 50%-off promotion, but they are also priced at a discount from the retail price of $15 per book. With 42 volumes in total, there is no shortage of captivating content to explore, making it a perfect time to begin or expand your Berserk collection.

Berserk is not a series for the faint of heart. It is a dark fantasy that follows the protagonist Guts, a former mercenary on a relentless quest for revenge. The story delves into haunting and tragic depths, filled with mature content that does not shy away from delivering brutal and visceral scenes. This unflinching approach has garnered Berserk a devoted fanbase and solidified its place among the greatest manga of all time.

Now is the perfect moment to dive into the epic world of Berserk. Whether you choose the lavish Deluxe editions or the discounted standard paperbacks, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Kentaro Miura’s legacy lives on through the pages of this masterpiece, inviting you to join Guts on his perilous journey of vengeance and discovery. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in this dark and captivating universe.


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