Disney Announces Licensing Deal with Netflix, Bringing Grey’s Anatomy to Hulu

Disney is making waves in the streaming industry as it unveils a new strategy to bring all past seasons of the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy to Hulu, while also maintaining its presence on Netflix. This groundbreaking move comes in conjunction with the upcoming official launch of Hulu on Disney+ in March 2024, signaling Disney’s commitment to expanding its streaming offerings.

Variety was the first to report on the new licensing agreement between Disney Entertainment and Netflix, which will see Hulu and Netflix sharing co-exclusive US streaming rights for the preceding 19 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy starting in spring 2024. However, it’s important to note that only Hulu will offer the entire series, including the highly anticipated Season 20. This significant expansion is part of a broader content agreement, where Disney Entertainment will non-exclusively license 14 library series to Netflix.

Fans of classic shows will be pleased to know that Disney-owned series like The Wonder Years, This is Us, and Lost will also make their way to Netflix as part of this deal. From heartwarming family dramas to mind-bending mysteries, there will be something for everyone. This move highlights Disney’s willingness to leverage its extensive content library to attract viewers across different platforms.

During the November earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger made it clear that the company has no plans to license its “core brands” to Netflix. These core brands include Disney-Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, which are seen as vital building blocks for Disney’s streaming business. Iger emphasized that these franchises hold immense value and should be exclusive to Disney+ to fully capitalize on their popularity.

While some beloved series are making their way to Netflix, Disney+ is not short of exciting new content to keep subscribers hooked. The streaming service has a lineup of highly anticipated releases, including Indiana Jones 5 and Marvel’s What If Season 2. Disney remains committed to providing a diverse range of entertainment options to its audience.

The new licensing deal between Disney Entertainment and Netflix marks a strategic shift in Disney’s approach to streaming. By bringing Grey’s Anatomy to Hulu and sharing select library series with Netflix, Disney is broadening its reach and catering to audiences on different platforms. However, the company remains firm in reserving its core brands exclusively for Disney+, ensuring that subscribers will have access to the most coveted content. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, Disney’s commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences remains unwavering.


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