Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Sales Surpass One Million Worldwide

Square Enix’s monster-catching spin-off, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, has achieved remarkable success since its release on the Nintendo Switch. The game not only topped the charts in Japan but also experienced sold-out locations around the world. Now, breaking news arrives as the combined digital and physical sales of the game have surpassed the impressive milestone of one million units worldwide.

An Enjoyable Monster-Catching RPG

In our review here on Nintendo Life, we expressed our admiration for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. As fans of Dragon Quest and monster-catching RPGs, we found the game to be an enjoyable and immersive experience. It provided a captivating world where players could catch and raise a variety of unique monsters. The engaging gameplay and stunning graphics truly made it a must-play title for enthusiasts.

The success of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince in Japan is worth noting. The game was so popular that Square Enix had to urge fans to consider purchasing the Switch eShop version if they were unable to procure the physical release. This overwhelming demand is a testament to the game’s quality and the fervor it has ignited among players.

Celebrating the Milestone with a Reward

To celebrate this outstanding achievement, Square Enix has announced a special reward for players. On 1st February 2024, players can redeem a free Mighty Meat Platter on the Switch eShop. This offer is available to players in supported regions in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The Mighty Meat Platter includes various items such as Manky Meat, Monster Munchies, Smoked Sirloin, Meaty Treat, Beastie Bites, and Better Beastie Bites. These items are intended to enhance the monster-catching experience and assist players in expanding their party of creatures.

The surpassing of one million sales worldwide is a noteworthy milestone for Square Enix and the Dragon Quest Monsters franchise. It demonstrates the game’s wide-reaching appeal and the dedication of fans all around the world. The strong start on the Switch, alongside the positive reception from players and critics alike, solidifies Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince’s position as a significant addition to the monster-catching RPG genre.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince has proven itself to be an exceptional title, capturing the hearts of both Dragon Quest enthusiasts and fans of monster-catching RPGs. The game’s success in Japan and its global sales reaching over a million copies highlight its undeniable impact on the gaming community. With its immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and memorable monster-catching mechanics, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is indeed a gem worth experiencing. As Square Enix rewards players with the Mighty Meat Platter to celebrate this sales milestone, it is clear that the journey through this fantastical world is only just beginning.


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