Dragon Quest Trilogy Remake Speculation

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake has generated a lot of excitement among fans who have been eagerly anticipating its release. The latest update has sparked speculation that the first two games in the series could also be getting the remake treatment.

Potential Trilogy Release

A well-known leaker named Midori has suggested that the upcoming Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake could actually be part of a trilogy release. Referring to the collection as the “Loto trilogy”, the leaker’s comment has added fuel to the fire of fans’ hopes and expectations.

The promotional video for the remake teases that the “legend of Erdrick draws near”, hinting at the iconic hero from the third game in the series. The original three releases are commonly known as the ‘Erdrick Trilogy’ or ‘Loto Trilogy’ in Japan, further supporting the theory of a potential trilogy release.

According to the same leaker, fans can expect more information about the trilogy release in the upcoming Nintendo Direct. It is speculated that the title will be officially announced and possibly released by the end of the current fiscal year, adding to the excitement surrounding the project.

Potential Delays and Considerations

While the Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake was officially announced in May 2021, there have been hints that the development of a trilogy release may have played a role in the project’s prolonged timeline. Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii mentioned the consideration of remaking the first two games in the series, hinting at the possibility of a trilogy release in the future.

As the speculation around a Dragon Quest trilogy release continues to grow, fans are left wondering if Square Enix is indeed planning to revisit the first two games in the series with the same level of attention to detail and care. The prospect of experiencing the entire trilogy in a new light is an exciting one for many fans of the beloved franchise.

The potential for a Dragon Quest trilogy release has fans buzzing with anticipation. With hints and comments from reliable sources pointing towards the possibility of revisiting the first two games in the series, the prospect of a comprehensive remake collection is a tantalizing idea for fans of the iconic RPG franchise. Only time will tell if Square Enix will deliver on these expectations and bring the entire Erdrick Trilogy to a new generation of gamers.


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