Everything You Need To Know About Apple Vision Pro’s Personas

When you get your hands on the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro, one of the exciting features you’ll come across is the ability to create a Persona. Personas are essentially digital avatars of yourself that you can use for video calls. They are designed to be a “natural representation of you” for connecting with others. Additionally, Personas are also integrated into the EyeSight feature of the Vision Pro, where ghostly eyes appear on the front display.

Creating a Persona involves capturing images and 3D measurements of your head, face, upper body, and facial expressions. However, it’s essential to note that Personas are currently in the beta stage. Many users have described the initial results as “cursed,” with likenesses to soft-focus ’70s-style portraits or obituary photos. Features like hair can appear blocky, resembling characters from old video games. Despite software updates improving the quality of Personas, they might not accurately portray you.

If privacy is a concern for you, rest assured that you are not obligated to create a Persona. Apple’s process involves taking photos of you to generate the avatar, which may not sit well with everyone. Before diving into creating your Persona, it’s worth considering the privacy implications and weighing the pros and cons. Apple’s official Persona privacy policy can provide more insight into how your data is handled.

To create your Persona on the Apple Vision Pro, follow a few simple steps. While setting up your device, you may be prompted to start the Persona creation process. If you skipped this step, navigate to Settings, select Persona, and click on Get Started. Hold out your hands, follow the on-screen instructions, and ensure your face is entirely within the designated circle. The process involves performing various facial expressions and movements while holding the device at eye level.

Editing and Enhancing Your Persona

Once you’ve captured your Persona, you can edit and customize its appearance. You have the option to choose different lighting styles like Natural, Studio, or Contour. Additionally, sliders allow you to adjust the photo’s temperature and brightness to your liking. If you wear glasses, there are various styles you can swipe through to find the right look for your Persona. If you’re unsatisfied with the initial result, you can recapture and make necessary adjustments.

Tips for a Better Persona

To improve the accuracy of your Persona, consider some tips for a successful capture. Open your eyes wide and exaggerate facial expressions during the process to ensure a more lifelike representation. Good lighting is key to avoiding odd shadowing and enhancing the overall quality of your Persona. Moreover, be prepared to make multiple attempts to create the best avatar that reflects your true self.

After creating your Persona, have some fun with it by engaging in FaceTime calls with friends or loved ones. Share a laugh over how accurately (or inaccurately) your Persona represents you. It’s a light-hearted way to enjoy the features of the Apple Vision Pro and connect with others. Despite any initial concerns or imperfections, embracing the fun aspect of Personas can lead to enjoyable interactions and memorable experiences. So, go ahead, create your Persona, and dive into the world of digital avatars with a sense of humor and excitement.


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