Exciting Deals on M1 MacBook Air at Walmart and Best Buy

Recently, Apple stopped selling the M1 MacBook Air in order to make room for the new M3 version. However, to the pleasant surprise of many consumers, Walmart announced that they are offering the M1 MacBook Air for a discounted price of $699 on their online store, with availability in-store soon. This is a significant discount compared to the original price of $999.99. Following Walmart’s lead, Best Buy has also dropped their price to $649.99 to match the deal.

When looking at Walmart and Best Buy’s websites, it is clear that these are brand new laptops, not refurbished models, for the reduced price. The base model being offered includes 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. While some may be hesitant about the smaller storage size, the price drop certainly makes it a more appealing option. These prices are even lower than recent discounts that had previously brought the laptop down to $749.

Availability Concerns

One question that arises with this new deal is how long Apple will continue to supply Walmart and other retailers with new M1 MacBook Airs. It is unclear whether this is a temporary arrangement to clear out existing stock or if it will be an ongoing deal. Despite reaching out to Apple for clarification, there has not been an immediate response. This uncertainty may lead consumers to consider making a purchase sooner rather than later.

The M1 MacBook Air has been a beloved laptop for many, with its iconic wedge shape being particularly attractive to consumers. The availability of this model at a discounted price at major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy is certainly exciting news. Whether this deal will continue or not remains to be seen, but for those who have been considering purchasing the M1 MacBook Air, this could be the perfect opportunity to do so before it becomes truly unavailable.


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