Exciting News for Nintendo Fans: New Super Mario Bros. Movie Announcement!

Nintendo recently made a significant announcement during its mini Mario Day broadcast about an upcoming movie based on the world of the Super Mario Bros. series. The company officially confirmed that it is working on a new animated film, set to debut in the US on April 3rd, 2026, with releases in other territories to follow in the same month.

Shigeru Miyamoto, a renowned figure at Nintendo, shared the news about the upcoming movie. He expressed his excitement about the project and how it aims to expand the world of Super Mario Bros. for fans globally. Miyamoto emphasized the collaboration between Illumination and Nintendo, highlighting their joint effort to create a bright and entertaining story for viewers to enjoy.

Chris Meledandri, a key figure at Illumination, also confirmed that the team behind the original Super Mario Bros. movie would be returning for this new project. The collaboration between Illumination and Nintendo has proven successful in the past, and fans can expect a continuation of that creative partnership in bringing Mario’s world to life on the big screen once again.

With the movie set to premiere in 2026, fans of the Super Mario Bros. franchise have ample time to build anticipation and excitement for what promises to be an engaging and entertaining film. The announcement signals Nintendo’s commitment to expanding its intellectual property into new mediums and reaching a wider audience through the power of storytelling.

The news of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie has generated buzz among fans and the broader entertainment industry. As details about the film continue to emerge, audiences can look forward to a fresh take on the beloved characters and world of Super Mario Bros. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the highly anticipated release date in April 2026.


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