Exploring Final Fantasy 14’s Upcoming Expansion and Rumors of a Final Fantasy 9 Remake

Final Fantasy 14’s director, Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida, recently provided fans with a sneak peek into the upcoming Dawntrail expansion during a special presentation at PAX East. The event was live-streamed, and fans were treated to a detailed look at the Collector’s Edition of Dawntrail, which includes a variety of exciting items such as a Viper figure, a cloth map, an art box, a pen case, and other exclusive goodies.

While showcasing the digital bonuses available with the expansion, fans were thrilled to see references to Final Fantasy 9. At the 53:30 mark in the presentation, an iconic character from FF9, Ark summon, was recreated in FF14 as a mount. Additionally, players can look forward to receiving a wind-up Princess Garnet minion and a chocobo brush designed for the new Pictomancer class. Pre-order bonuses also include a wind-up minion modeled after FF9’s Zidane. These nods to Final Fantasy 9 were met with cheers from the audience, sparking speculation about what could be in store.

Yoshi-P added fuel to the fire by hinting at the abundance of Final Fantasy 9 references in the expansion. With a mischievous smirk, he declared, “You may have noticed a lot of Final Fantasy 9 references here, but the reason is a secret.” This cryptic statement has led to widespread speculation among fans, with many wondering if a Final Fantasy 9 remake could be on the horizon.

While some believe that Yoshi-P’s comments could hint at a special crossover event within Final Fantasy 14, others are hopeful for a complete remake of Final Fantasy 9. However, it’s important to approach these rumors with caution, as they are purely speculative. The idea of a Final Fantasy 9 remake gained traction three years ago when a leak from Nvidia hinted at the possibility of such a project.

The announcement of Final Fantasy 14’s upcoming expansion, Dawntrail, has excited fans with its nods to Final Fantasy 9. The inclusion of beloved characters and references to the classic game have fueled speculation about a potential Final Fantasy 9 remake. While nothing has been confirmed, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting further developments and hoping for more surprises in the future.


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