Exploring the World of Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Guide to Finding and Using Timebending Fragments

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time expansion brings an abundance of new opportunities for players to engage with the valley and its inhabitants. One of the key features introduced in this expansion is the Royal Hourglass, a powerful tool that allows players to discover special materials for crafting unique items at timebending tables. Among these materials are valuable resources called fragments, which are essential for creating some of the most coveted furniture pieces in the game.

Unveiling the mystery behind these fragments can be both exciting and challenging. Timebending fragments can be found throughout the game while using the Royal Hourglass. However, only one type of fragment is available each day, and their appearance is entirely based on luck. To increase your chances of obtaining the fragments you desire, make it a habit to log in daily and check which timebending fragment is available for that day.

To access this information, navigate to the Menu > Collection > Eternity Isle > Timebending. Scroll down to the Fragments section, and the fragment that can be found that day will be marked as “Available today.” It is crucial to note that in addition to fragments, rare cores, which spawn randomly, are also required to craft various items at timebending tables. Hence, it is advisable to hold onto any materials you come across during your search for timebending fragments.

Once you have collected ten fragments necessary for crafting a particular furniture piece and have gathered enough Glimmer, proceed to a timebending table. Access the menu at the table and select the Fragments option to initiate the crafting process. Each fragment corresponds to a specific level requirement for your Royal Hourglass, which must be met in order to find them. Refer to the following list to determine the level needed for each fragment and the corresponding furniture:

– Fragment A: Requires Royal Hourglass Level 5 – Crafting Furniture X
– Fragment B: Requires Royal Hourglass Level 7 – Crafting Furniture Y
– Fragment C: Requires Royal Hourglass Level 10 – Crafting Furniture Z

By collecting and utilizing these timebending fragments, players can create unique and charming furniture pieces that enhance the characters’ experience in the game.

Discovering and utilizing timebending fragments in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time expansion adds a new layer of excitement and creativity to the gameplay. While the search for these fragments is reliant on luck, regular logins and thorough exploration will increase the chances of finding the desired materials. Remember to conserve all findings, including rare cores, as they are valuable resources for crafting at timebending tables.

Unlock the full potential of your Royal Hourglass, immerse yourself in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and craft character-focused furniture pieces that will captivate both your imagination and the hearts of your virtual companions.

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