Fandom Introduces AI Features with an Opt-Out Option for Users

Fandom, a platform that hosts wikis for various fandoms, has announced the rollout of its generative AI features, offering users the ability to opt out. One of the notable AI-generated features is Quick Answers, which presents a Q&A-style dropdown menu, providing concise information. An example could be found on The Witcher wiki, where users can easily discover who trained Geralt of Rivia by clicking on the corresponding question, revealing the answer, “Vesemir.” Fandom aims to enhance user experience by streamlining access to specific information.

In addition to Quick Answers, Fandom plans to incorporate AI into its image review process. Collaborating with Coactive AI, the company developed an Image Review feature that ensures prompt and accurate removal of inappropriate content. Wiki administrators will have the ability to automatically approve or reject photos, streamlining the review process. Notably, Fandom also intends to introduce auto-tagging for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), facilitating content indexing and discoverability.

Upon the initial testing of Quick Answers in August 2023, Fandom faced criticism from community members who reported frequent inaccuracies and inappropriate responses generated by the AI. These concerns led to demands for an edit feature or the option to opt out altogether. The Hollow Knight Wiki, for instance, announced its departure from Fandom, citing issues with the AI features, lack of consultation with creators, and other related problems. In response, Fandom temporarily suspended Quick Answers in September to implement an edit feature and ensure accuracy. The company has now introduced a reviewing system, empowering wiki admins and editors to assess answers and ensure the provision of correct information tailored to specific fandoms.

The optional nature of these AI features allows users and wiki administrators greater control over the content and presentation on Fandom. Popular sites such as Avatar, Harry Potter, The Last of Us, and The Witcher have Quick Answers available on their character pages. Wiki admins can utilize Quick Answers AI to automate content formatting, simplifying the organization of their sites. The development of these products is a direct response to feedback from creators, with Fandom committed to providing the necessary functionality to better serve their communities. With 45 million wiki pages and over 350 million unique visitors per month, Fandom seeks to improve the overall user experience through the integration of AI features while addressing user concerns.

Fandom’s introduction of generative AI features, including Quick Answers and Image Review, aims to enhance user experience and content management on their platform. The company’s commitment to addressing user concerns, such as inaccuracies and inappropriate responses, by implementing an editing system demonstrates its responsiveness to community feedback. By offering an opt-out option, Fandom maintains transparency and user control, ensuring that these AI features serve the needs and preferences of their diverse user base. As Fandom continues to evolve and innovate, it strives to provide an inclusive and efficient platform for fandom enthusiasts worldwide.


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