Final Fantasy 14’s Upcoming Expansion Dawntrail: Release Date and Comparison to Elden Ring DLC

Final Fantasy 14 fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming expansion, Dawntrail, which is set to launch in early access on June 28th and then officially release on July 2nd. The announcement was made by Producer Yoshi P at PAX East, where he also acknowledged the proximity of Dawntrail’s release date to another highly anticipated RPG expansion: Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree, which is scheduled to release on June 21st.

Yoshi-P revealed that initially, the team had planned to release Dawntrail a week earlier, but considering the release of Elden Ring DLC, they decided to push back the launch date. In a lighthearted manner, Yoshi-P mentioned that he wanted players to have a week to enjoy the Elden Ring DLC before delving into Dawntrail. Despite the close release dates, he clarified that the decision was not based on personal preference but rather to give players the opportunity to fully experience both expansions.

Acknowledging Other Games

One aspect that stands out about Yoshi-P is his willingness to acknowledge and appreciate other games and developers. During the announcement, he mentioned being a fan of Blizzard and expressed interest in a potential Diablo crossover. This attitude of recognizing and respecting other games in the industry is refreshing and shows a sense of camaraderie among developers.

As someone not well-versed in the Final Fantasy series, I may not have a deep understanding of the lore or intricacies of Final Fantasy 14. However, I appreciate the transparency and humor displayed by Yoshi-P during the announcement. It is refreshing to see a game developer with a genuine enthusiasm for gaming as a whole, not just their own creations. Yoshi-P’s willingness to engage with and appreciate other games showcases a passion for the industry that resonates with players and fans alike.

The upcoming release of Final Fantasy 14’s expansion, Dawntrail, is highly anticipated by fans. The decision to adjust the release date to accommodate the Elden Ring DLC reflects a considerate approach to player experience. Yoshi-P’s open acknowledgment of other games and developers adds a personal touch to the announcement, highlighting a shared love for gaming within the industry. As the launch dates approach, players can look forward to immersive experiences in both Dawntrail and Elden Ring, thanks to the thoughtful planning and consideration by the development teams.


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