Fortnite Welcomes Solid Snake and Peter Griffin to Chapter 5 Battle Pass

Fortnite, the popular multiplayer game, has always been known for its extensive range of characters. In its latest Chapter 5 battle pass, the game has welcomed two unexpected additions – Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Peter Griffin from Family Guy. This surprising collaboration aims to cater to the diverse fanbase of both games and create an exciting new experience for players.

Fans of Family Guy will immediately notice that Peter Griffin looks quite different in Fortnite. His character has undergone a significant redesign, appearing bulkier and more muscular. This alteration is likely a result of game balancing, as Peter’s original build would have provided him with an unfairly large hitbox. Although the change may seem jarring at first, it adds a comedic twist to the game and has been well-received by players.

To introduce Peter Griffin’s arrival in Fortnite, a short film in the style of Family Guy was created. In the film, Peter becomes aware of his invitation to join the Battle Bus and seeks fitness advice. Surprisingly, he turns to a cartoon cat doctor for guidance instead of reading books or following conventional workout routines. Peter’s decision to consume expired “Slurp Juice” for a power boost adds to the comedic tone of the film. The full short can be viewed below, providing fans with a taste of the humor they can expect from Peter’s presence in the game.

Fans of Family Guy will be delighted to know that Fortnite has included additional items from the show. One notable addition is The Petercopter, a glider variant that resembles a blue helicopter with Peter’s face on it. This unique glider allows players to soar through the game in style. It is evident that the creators of Fortnite have put immense effort into ensuring that Peter Griffin’s presence in the game is authentic and enjoyable for fans.

Aside from the exciting crossover characters, Fortnite Chapter 5 brings a host of other features and updates. Players can look forward to moddable weapons, expanded movement options, rideable trains, and much more. The new chapter promises to enhance the gameplay experience and keep players engaged with fresh content. Additionally, Fortnite is partnering with Lego for a survival-crafting game set to launch on December 7, further expanding the possibilities within the game.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 battle pass marks a milestone in the game’s history by introducing iconic characters from different realms of pop culture. Solid Snake and Peter Griffin’s inclusion adds a new level of excitement and humor to the game, giving players a unique experience. With additional collaborations and updates promised, Fortnite continues to evolve and deliver fresh content to its dedicated fanbase.


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