Fortnite’s New Season: Underground

Fortnite, the immensely popular battle royale game, is undergoing a massive transformation with its latest season, aptly titled “Underground.” Following the explosive events of The Big Bang, which resulted in the destruction of the Chapter 4 island, players can expect significant changes and exciting additions to the game. From a revamped island to boss battles and even crossover characters from Metal Gear Solid and Family Guy, Fortnite is taking its gameplay to new depths.

With the update to Chapter 5: Season 1, Fortnite introduces a completely redesigned island. The new landscape features various locations, including a railway with an actual train for players to travel on, marinas, mansions, and a sprawling grassland area. Additionally, the island is now covered in snow, adding an element of challenge and diversity to gameplay.

One of the most exciting additions to Fortnite’s Underground season is the inclusion of five boss characters, one of whom is the beloved Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Players can engage in epic boss battles, with the reward being a medallion that grants the ability to regenerate shields over time. However, holding onto the medallion comes with a drawback – it reveals your exact location on the map to other players. The more medallions you possess, the narrower the radius of your location becomes, creating a strategic challenge for players.

Gameplay Enhancements

Fortnite’s Underground season brings a plethora of gameplay enhancements to keep players engaged. An SUV is now available for players to drive around in, allowing for easier and faster traversal. A new weapon called the Ballistic Shield enables players to defend themselves while simultaneously shooting a pistol. Additionally, players can now move while healing or restoring shields, leading to more dynamic and strategic gameplay. Certain locations on the island also allow players to customize and modify their weapons, adding a layer of personalization and uniqueness to each player’s gameplay experience.

In addition to customizing characters and weapons, Fortnite’s Underground introduces the ability to customize vehicles. Players can choose from different bodies, decals, and wheels, and once they hop into a sports car in-game, the vehicle will reflect their chosen customization. This new feature brings even more opportunities for players to showcase their personal style and preferences. Furthermore, players who also play Rocket League will be able to carry over certain items between the two games.

Fortnite’s collaboration with Lego brings forth a whole new in-game experience. Players can look forward to Lego Fortnite, a “survival crafting” game mode launching on December 7th. Alongside this, over 1,200 existing Fortnite skins will receive a Lego-style option, transforming characters like Peely the banana into Lego bricks. However, it’s important to note that these Lego styles can only be used within the Lego experiences inside Fortnite.

The launch of Chapter 5: Season 1 comes at a busy and exciting time for Fortnite. The game experienced a surge in popularity with the release of Fortnite OG in November. This update reintroduced the original island and brought back fan-favorite locations, items, and characters, resulting in the game’s biggest day in history, with over 44 million players on November 4th. With the Underground season and the Lego collaboration, Fortnite continues to evolve and captivate players worldwide.

Fortnite’s new season, Underground, brings a myriad of changes and enhancements for players to enjoy. From a transformed island and boss battles to vehicle customization and a crossover with Lego, the game offers an immersive and dynamic experience. With its constant updates and commitment to delivering fresh and exciting content, Fortnite maintains its position as a leader among battle royale games. So gear up, hop into the game, and prepare to explore the depths of Fortnite’s Underground season.


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