Frontier Developments Announces New Monthly Developer Showcase

Frontier Developments, the renowned British developer-publishers behind popular titles such as Elite Dangerous, Planet Zoo, and various Warhammer games, have exciting news for their fans. They have recently announced the launch of a monthly developer showcase event called “Frontier Unlocked.” This showcase will be live-streamed via their Twitch and YouTube channels, offering fans an exclusive glimpse into the studio’s upcoming projects and behind-the-scenes development process.

Frontier Unlocked is set to take place on the last Wednesday of each month, with the inaugural showcase scheduled for January 31st. The showcase, designed in a magazine-style format, promises to deliver a captivating presentation featuring new game trailers, in-depth looks at their upcoming releases, and insider insights into the studio itself. This initiative holds particular significance as Frontier Developments celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024.

The upcoming premiere of Frontier Unlocked will be a treat for fans of the immensely popular space exploration game, Elite Dangerous. Following the thrilling conclusion of the Thargoid invasion and the introduction of mysterious rumblings in October, Frontier will unveil their plans for Elite Dangerous in the coming year. This announcement alone is sure to ignite anticipation and excitement among the game’s dedicated community.

In addition to the highly anticipated updates for Elite Dangerous, the showcase promises a surprise for fans as well. Frontier Developments will provide viewers with an exclusive first look at an unannounced game. This unexpected glimpse into the studio’s secret project is bound to generate considerable buzz and speculation within the gaming community.

Frontier Unlocked will also offer a glimpse into the future of the popular Warhammer game, Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters. Previously released on PC a couple of years ago, the console version of Daemonhunters will finally make its debut. Fans who have been eagerly waiting for this release will be elated to witness the game’s console adaptation during the showcase.

Frontier Developments encountered some difficulties in 2023, which affected their overall operations. Their third-party publishing division, Frontier Foundry, was shut down during the summer, and the studio underwent significant downsizing in October as part of an organizational review aimed at reducing costs. Despite these challenges, Frontier remains resilient and committed to delivering outstanding gaming experiences.

Following the underperformance of Realms of Ruin, a real-time strategy game based on the Warhammer fantasy reboot Age of Sigmar, Frontier Developments decided to redirect their focus towards “creative management simulation” games. Titles like Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, and Jurassic World Evolution have captivated players with their immersive simulations, allowing them to unleash their creativity as they build and manage their virtual worlds.

Frontier Unlocked holds immense promise for fans of Frontier Developments’ games and the gaming community as a whole. The monthly developer showcase will provide an inside look into the studio’s exciting projects, including updates for Elite Dangerous, an exclusive first look at an unannounced game, and the console release of Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters. As Frontier Developments ushers in their 30th anniversary, gamers can look forward to a year of innovation and immersive experiences from this esteemed British developer-publisher.


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