Google Meet Introduces Portrait Touch-Up Filters for Web App Users

Google Meet has recently launched a new feature that allows users to touch up their complexion before heading into meetings. This feature was initially available on mobile devices and has now been extended to the web app version of Google Meet. Users now have the option to choose from two different filters: subtle and smoothing.

The subtle filter provides very light complexion smoothing, under-eye lightening, and eye whitening effects. On the other hand, the smoothing filter enhances these effects slightly, making them more noticeable. Unlike some filters on platforms like Snapchat, the Google Meet filters do not drastically change a user’s appearance. Instead, they offer subtle enhancements that make it appear as though no filter has been applied at all.

To access the touch-up options, users can navigate to the visual effects settings in Google Meet and select the Appearance option. From there, they can choose to toggle Portrait touch-up on or off and select their preferred filter. The portrait touch-up feature is being rolled out starting today, but it is only available to paid users on specific plans, including Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, and more. Additionally, Google One and Google Workspace Individual subscribers will also have access to the portrait touch-up feature.

Google’s entrance into the videoconferencing face filter game comes after competitors like Zoom and Microsoft Teams had already introduced similar features. However, Google’s filters are designed to provide more subtle enhancements, in contrast to the more drastic alterations offered by other platforms.

Google Meet users now have the option to apply portrait touch-up filters to their video meetings. These filters offer subtle enhancements to complexion and eye appearance, providing users with a more polished look for their virtual meetings. While Google may have been late to the face filter game, the introduction of these filters demonstrates the platform’s commitment to improving the video conferencing experience for its users.


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