How I Accidentally Made Elden Ring Unplayable for a Month

Playing a new game can be both exciting and challenging. This was certainly the case for Reddit user Legendarygap when they decided to give Elden Ring a try. Having previously fallen in love with Sekiro, their first FromSoftware game, they were eager to experience another masterpiece. However, their initial experience with Elden Ring left them feeling frustrated and discouraged. They couldn’t understand why everyone hailed it as the best of the best. Little did they know that they had unintentionally been playing the game on the hardest difficulty for an entire month.

Legendarygap’s struggle with Elden Ring finally came to an end when they discovered the game’s equip load system. It turned out that they had been using a weapon that was far too heavy for their character, resulting in an extremely slow and ineffective dodge roll. The weight of the weapon made their character move sluggishly, leaving them vulnerable to enemy attacks. This made the game incredibly difficult and robbed them of the enjoyment everyone else seemed to find in it.

The heavy dodge roll in Elden Ring proved to be a game-breaking mechanic for Legendarygap. Unlike the normal or light rolls, the heavy roll provided fewer invincibility frames and took much longer to execute. This made it practically useless, as they would often get hit by follow-up attacks before even being able to stand up. It is easy to understand why this would strip away the fun and make the game an exercise in frustration.

Many players of Souls games can relate to the feeling of being a complete screw-up at some point. Even I have vivid memories of misunderstanding the magic system in the original Dark Souls and stumbling through the opening areas in the worst possible way. Legendarygap’s month-long struggle with an unintended difficulty spike is a reminder that even veterans can make crucial mistakes that drastically affect their experience with a game.

One might argue that someone coming from a Sekiro mindset may not have considered equipment load as a critical factor. However, Legendarygap’s oversight of this aspect for an entire month is undoubtedly a legendary blunder. It’s hard to fathom how they didn’t stumble upon this crucial game mechanic earlier. Nevertheless, their predicament serves as a cautionary tale for all players to thoroughly understand the mechanics of a game before embarking on their journey.

After discovering their mistake, Legendarygap’s experience with Elden Ring took a dramatically positive turn. They enjoyed the game much more and found themselves appreciating its complexities and challenges. With the burden of the heavy weapon lifted, they could finally experience the game in its intended form. Their determination and perseverance during their accidental hard mode playthrough are commendable and showcase their gaming skills.

What further intrigued me about Legendarygap’s story is their journey from being a Sekiro-only player to embracing the world of Elden Ring. Their transition from the finely-tuned combat mechanics of Sekiro to the exploratory aspects of Elden Ring is nothing short of fascinating. They now endeavor to build a samurai character in honor of Sekiro and are experimenting with parrying, a technique that requires precision and skill. It’s a testament to the depth and versatility of FromSoftware’s games that they can captivate players with different playstyles and preferences.

Legendarygap’s newfound appreciation for Elden Ring lies in its expansive and immersive world. While they believe that Sekiro’s combat mechanics are superior, they acknowledge the allure of Elden Ring’s exploration aspect. The game offers a vast array of content to discover and engage with, providing players with endless opportunities for adventure. This realization has opened a new door of enjoyment for Legendarygap, and they now understand why the game has garnered such high praise.

Legendarygap’s accidental journey through Elden Ring on hard mode for a month serves as a cautionary tale for all gamers. It is a reminder of the importance of understanding game mechanics and avoiding critical oversights that can hinder the overall experience. Legendarygap’s perseverance and ultimate embrace of Elden Ring showcase the resilience and adaptability of gamers. We can all learn from their story and approach future gaming adventures with a more meticulous eye, ensuring that we fully unlock the potential of the games we play.


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