How to Defeat Helldivers 2 Hulks: Strategies and Weaknesses

Helldivers 2 Hulks are known for being massive Automaton enemies that pose a significant threat to players. These enemies come in various forms, each equipped with different weapons and abilities, but all are covered in thick armor plating, making them incredibly lethal on the battlefield. It is essential for players to understand the weaknesses of Hulks in order to effectively take them down and emerge victorious in their missions.

One of the most effective ways to deal with Hulks in Helldivers 2 is by utilizing powerful explosives and weapons with armor penetration capabilities. Regular weapons will not be able to penetrate the thick armor of these enemies, so it is crucial to use railguns, rockets, stratagems, and explosives to break through their defense. The high-level Orbital Railcannon Strike is particularly recommended for taking down Hulks as it can target and one-shot these formidable foes with ease.

While Hulks may seem invincible due to their armor plating, they do have a vulnerable spot – the tiny head in the middle of their body. This is the only area from the front where Hulks will reliably take damage, although it may not be a significant amount. If players are relying on regular guns, targeting the head is the best option to chip away at their health and eventually defeat them.

The most significant weakness of Hulks in Helldivers 2 is the glowing vent located at the rear of their bodies. This vent takes significant damage compared to the rest of the enemy, especially when hit with explosives. Players should focus on hitting this weak point to cause the vent to explode, dealing major damage to the Hulk and triggering a permanent bleed effect. Even if no additional damage is dealt, the Hulk will eventually perish due to the bleed effect.

Defeating Hulks is no easy feat, especially since they tend to march towards players, making it challenging to hit them from behind. It is advisable to have two players working together to lure Hulks around or use sentries, static fields, and quick dives to slow them down and distract them. However, players should be cautious as Hulks are extremely dangerous in close range, regardless of their form. It is best to maintain a safe distance and utilize cover when engaging with these enemies. In scenarios where players need to defend a structure in a Bot Base, calling in a Hellbomb can be a strategic move to eliminate Hulks efficiently.


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