How to Easily Transfer PS4 Games to PS5

If you are looking to transfer your PS4 games to your new PS5, one of the quickest and easiest options is to use an external hard drive. Most likely, you are already using an external hard drive for your PS4, so you can simply unplug it from your PS4 and plug it into your PS5. There is no need for any conversion or reformatting. With this method, you can immediately enjoy the backwards compatibility of your PS5. However, before powering down your PS4, it is advisable to move as many games as possible to the external hard drive to save yourself some hassle later on.

For games that are installed on your PS4’s internal hard drive, you have the option to use a special WiFi transfer process. To do this, navigate to the following menu on both your PS4 and PS5: Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer. Once you have both consoles turned on and connected to the internet via WiFi or a LAN connection, you can select the games you want to transfer to your PS5. Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the transfer and patiently wait for it to complete. It’s a simple process that allows you to seamlessly move your PS4 games to your new console.

If you prefer not to use an external hard drive or only want to transfer a few of your PS4 games to your new PS5, you can opt to re-download them. Your PS4 games will be listed in your media library on the PS5. To access them, filter the list to display all your PS4 titles and then select the games you want to transfer. Simply hit the download button, and the games will start downloading onto your PS5. This method gives you the flexibility to choose which games to bring over and allows you to prioritize your favorites.

If you have PS4 games on disc, transferring them to your PS5 is as simple as inserting the disc into the new console. However, it’s important to note that only the game itself will transfer. Any install and update data will not be transferred automatically. If you wish to continue your progress from where you left off on your previous console, make sure to back up and redownload your save data.

It’s worth mentioning that the PT game, a highly sought-after title, cannot be transferred to the PS5 using any of the above methods. PT on PS5 transfers are not possible through external hard drives, WiFi transfer, or re-downloading. This limitation is important to consider if you were hoping to experience PT on your new console.

Now that you know how to transfer your PS4 games to your PS5, you can start bulking up your gaming library with some classic titles from prior generations. While it’s exciting to have new games for your PlayStation 5, adding trusted favorites can provide you with even more options and ensure that you have a well-rounded gaming experience. Explore our upcoming PS5 games rundown to discover new titles that you can look forward to.

Transferring your PS4 games to your PS5 is a relatively straightforward process. Whether you choose to use an external hard drive, the WiFi transfer method, or re-download your games, you can easily start enjoying your favorite PS4 titles on your new console. Take advantage of the backwards compatibility of the PS5, expand your gaming library, and continue your gaming journey seamlessly on the next generation of PlayStation.


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