HWInfo64: The Ultimate System Monitoring Tool for PC Hardware Enthusiasts

As someone who is passionate about PC hardware, having the right tools to monitor and optimize system performance is crucial. HWInfo64 has long been a go-to program for providing comprehensive information and monitoring statistics for various aspects of your system. With the latest beta version, HWInfo is introducing a game-changing feature that many users, including myself, have been eagerly anticipating – on-screen display (OSD) support.

For gamers, the ability to monitor essential metrics like GPU temperatures, memory usage, and CPU power consumption in real-time is crucial for optimizing performance and preventing overheating. Previously, gamers had to rely on separate apps like MSI Afterburner or FRAPS for OSD support. However, HWInfo’s new OSD support feature consolidates all monitoring functions into one convenient app, making it a valuable all-in-one solution for system monitoring.

What sets HWInfo apart from other monitoring apps is its extensive range of functions that can be monitored. With the ability to track hundreds of different system metrics related to CPU, GPU, memory, and more, users have unparalleled insight into their system’s performance. The flexibility to choose which metrics are displayed in the OSD gives users the power to customize their monitoring experience to suit their specific needs.

While the new OSD support feature is a significant step forward for HWInfo, there are still areas where the app can be improved. In my experience with the beta version, I found the interface to be somewhat clunky, and encountered some issues when switching between windowed and full-screen modes. However, I believe these are minor setbacks that can be addressed in future updates.

Limitations of the Free Version

One potential drawback of the free version of HWInfo is that OSD monitoring is limited to just five items. While this may be sufficient for most users, those who require more extensive monitoring capabilities may find this limitation restrictive. That being said, it is relatively easy to switch between sensors being monitored, allowing users to prioritize the metrics that are most important to them.

Legacy Builds and Future Developments

It is worth noting that the HWInfo OSD functionality is based on Intel’s PresentMon, enabling monitoring of in-game FPS and frame-time. However, this also means that Windows XP support is no longer available. While this may disappoint some retro gamers, legacy builds of HWInfo without OSD support are still accessible. As HWInfo continues to evolve, it is likely that future updates will address these compatibility issues and offer a more seamless user experience.

HWInfo64’s new OSD support feature represents a significant advancement in system monitoring capabilities for PC hardware enthusiasts. With its extensive monitoring capabilities, customization options, and potential for future enhancements, HWInfo is poised to become the ultimate tool for optimizing system performance and ensuring a smooth gaming experience.


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