Is a Bloodborne Remake on PC a Distant Dream?

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, FromSoftware’s president, Hidetaka Miyazaki, hinted that a potential Bloodborne remake might have to wait for the next generation of console hardware. While acknowledging the passion fans have for the Lovecraftian Souls spin-off title, Miyazaki emphasized the importance of new hardware in adding value to remakes. He suggested that technological advancements could enable developers to achieve things that were previously impossible, making a strong case for the need for upgraded hardware before considering a Bloodborne remake.

The mention of Demon’s Souls, which received a complete remake for the PlayStation 5 in 2020, draws a parallel to the potential fate of Bloodborne. Despite the success of the Demon’s Souls remake, both games remain exclusive to consoles, leaving PC players longing for a chance to experience these titles. However, with recent trends in bringing PlayStation exclusives to PC, there is a glimmer of hope for Bloodborne eventually making its way to the platform, although it may require significant technological improvements to do justice to the game.

Accessibility as a Driving Force

Miyazaki also emphasized the importance of accessibility when considering whether to bring an old game to a new platform. Modern hardware not only allows for enhanced visuals and performance but also enables a broader audience to appreciate the games. While Miyazaki did not provide a definitive answer about the possibility of a Bloodborne remake, his acknowledgment of the significance of accessibility hints at the potential for the game to reach a wider player base in the future.

For PC players eagerly anticipating the arrival of Bloodborne, the wait has been long and arduous. With nine years since the game’s initial release on PlayStation 4, the absence of a PC version has been a point of frustration for many. While the prospect of a complete remake for PC remains uncertain, the recent release of Until Dawn on the platform after years of exclusivity offers a ray of hope for the eventual arrival of Bloodborne. However, the game’s technical limitations, such as its performance issues on current-generation consoles, may necessitate a complete overhaul before it can meet PC standards.

As Miyazaki expressed his gratitude for the continued passion and support from fans of Bloodborne, the future of a potential remake remains unclear. While the prospect of experiencing the game on PC is tantalizing, it may require significant advancements in hardware and development to make it a reality. As players eagerly await any updates or announcements regarding the fate of Bloodborne, the possibility of a remake on PC lingers as a distant dream, one that may only come to fruition with the arrival of the next generation of gaming technology.


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