LEGO Animal Crossing: Julian’s Birthday Party Review

The LEGO Animal Crossing sets have taken the beloved game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and transformed it into plastic brick form. One of the sets in the collection is Julian’s Birthday Party, which is the cheapest set in the range. This set is aimed at attracting Animal Crossing fans who want to start their LEGO collection without breaking the bank. But does this small set really capture the essence of Animal Crossing and satisfy the cravings of fans, or is it just a small taste of what the larger sets have to offer?

Julian’s Birthday Party comes in four small plastic bags, a green base, the white bunting ‘string’, and building instructions. While it may be a small set, it contains a surprising number of tiny pieces. The first bag includes the build of Julian himself, along with a few presents that have cute details. However, Julian’s appeal may vary depending on how much you like this specific villager. The set revolves around him, and he is the only character present at the party. Despite the decorations and gifts, the focus is mainly on Julian.

As the build progresses, Julian is joined by cupcakes, a cake with candles, and some additional party decorations like mugs, a bottle, and a radio. The set also includes a pink tree, a streetlamp, balloons, and the essential bunting for the party atmosphere. While there are many cute details and elements included, the overall build may feel a bit ‘bitty’ due to the abundance of leftover pieces by the end. The opportunity for play and posing is limited, as there aren’t many interactive elements.

Value and Conclusion

Julian’s Birthday Party retails for a budget-friendly price and offers 170 pieces, making it a high value for a licensed set in terms of cost-to-piece ratio. However, most of the pieces are small, making the build fiddly and less rewarding. The set feels more like a supplementary addition to the larger sets, rather than a standalone purchase. It lacks the excitement and playability that some of the other sets in the collection provide. Unless you are a die-hard fan of Julian, this set may not be enough to satisfy your LEGO Animal Crossing cravings.

While Julian’s Birthday Party has its charming details and offers a cost-effective way to start your LEGO Animal Crossing collection, it falls short in terms of overall satisfaction and play value. It serves as a complementary piece to the larger sets in the range and may not be enough on its own to fulfill your building and playing desires. If you are a fan of Julian or looking to expand your Animal Crossing LEGO collection, this set may be a good addition. However, for those seeking a more interactive and engaging LEGO experience, you may want to explore other sets in the series.


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