LEGO Super Mario Sets Expanding with New Additions in 2024

LEGO has announced the release of several new sets for their Super Mario line, set to hit stores on August 1st, 2024. In addition to the upcoming Mario Kart-themed LEGO set, the company celebrated Mario Day by revealing three exciting new kits: The Bowser Express Train, King Boo’s Haunted Mansion, and Battle with Roy at Peach’s Castle. Each set promises a unique and thrilling experience for fans of all ages.

The Bowser Express Train Set

One of the new sets is the LEGO Super Mario The Bowser Express Train toy set (71437). Designed for kids aged 9 and up, this adventure playset features a detailed train, a handcar, 2 stations, a Super Star Block, and various LEGO Super Mario toy figures including a Hammer Bro, Boom Boom, Goombas, and Para-Biddybuds. The set offers interactive play by allowing kids to chase the train in the handcar, operate the spinning platform on the locomotive, and activate the cannon wagon’s spring-loaded shooter. With the addition of LEGO Mario, Luigi, or Peach figures, players can enhance their gameplay experience.

Another new set is King Boo’s Haunted Mansion (71436), where kids can explore ghostly characters and search for the key to a treasure chest. This set includes a buildable toy haunted house with playful details such as an elevating sofa and a bookcase with a key-reveal function. Players can control 4 LEGO Super Mario toy figures – King Boo, Yellow Baby Yoshi, Dry Bones, and Boo – as they collect rewards, defeat enemies, and ultimately open the treasure chest. Like the other sets, players can include LEGO Mario, Luigi, or Peach for interactive play.

Lastly, the LEGO Super Mario Battle with Roy at Peach’s Castle set (71435) transports kids to an iconic Super Mario location for action-packed adventures. Featuring a LEGO brick-built princess’s castle model with easy-to-rebuild walls, a tower, catapult, rotating throne, and fountain, this set offers endless possibilities for role-playing. The set includes 3 LEGO Super Mario toy figures: Roy, Chain Chomp, and Toad, as well as the option to add LEGO Mario, Luigi, or Peach for interactive play. Players can help defeat Roy, take control of his Chain Chomp, and unlock digital reactions with hidden Action Tags.

Overall, the new LEGO Super Mario sets offer exciting gameplay opportunities for fans of all ages. With detailed designs, interactive features, and the ability to combine with other LEGO Mario figures, these sets provide hours of entertainment and creativity for both kids and adult gamers. Get ready to dive into the world of Super Mario with these captivating new additions to the LEGO lineup in 2024.


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