Mailchimp Shuts Down TinyLetter, Leaving Users Disappointed

Mailchimp, a popular email marketing service, has announced that it will be shutting down TinyLetter, a beloved platform for individuals to write and publish email newsletters. The discontinuation of TinyLetter is set to take place on February 29th, 2024, leaving many users disappointed and in search of alternatives.

According to a recent message from Mailchimp, the decision to shut down TinyLetter stems from a shift in the company’s business priorities. Mailchimp, after acquiring TinyLetter in 2011, has been primarily focused on developing tools to cater to marketers and assist small businesses in their growth. Simultaneously, the needs of the TinyLetter community have also changed, with some users migrating to Mailchimp for scalability and monetization purposes, while others have sought out alternative services that specifically cater to writers.

Current TinyLetter users logging into their accounts are greeted with a message from Mailchimp, urging them to export their data before the shutdown and suggesting they try Mailchimp as an alternative. However, this transition may not be ideal for all users. While TinyLetter allows up to 5,000 subscribers for free, Mailchimp’s free tier restricts users to only 1,000 “monthly email sends.” Depending on the size of their subscriber list, migrating to Mailchimp may not offer the same level of functionality as TinyLetter.

As a TinyLetter user myself, I am personally saddened by the news of its impending closure. Although I haven’t utilized the platform for some time, I appreciated its simplicity and user-friendly interface when it came to writing and publishing newsletters. The ease with which TinyLetter allowed individuals to create clean and visually appealing emails was unmatched. Its closure marks the end of an era for avid users who valued its unique offerings.

Mailchimp’s decision to shut down TinyLetter comes on the heels of Intuit’s acquisition of the company, which was finalized in 2021. While the full implications of this acquisition are yet to be seen, the discontinuation of TinyLetter raises questions about the future integration of Mailchimp into Intuit’s ecosystem and the potential changes that may come along with it.

The announcement of TinyLetter’s shutdown has left many users feeling disheartened and in search of alternative platforms to fulfill their newsletter needs. Mailchimp’s decision reflects its evolving priorities and the changing landscape of email marketing. While the company encourages TinyLetter users to migrate to their core product, it is important to carefully consider the limitations and adjust expectations accordingly. Farewell, TinyLetter, you will be missed by those who cherished your simplicity and elegance in the world of email newsletters.


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